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Friday, July 30, 2004

On apologies

I am going to apologize for some things I may or may not write in the next couple of days. I may or may not be writing things that are going to be rather harsh towards some people's beliefs and faiths. I say may or may not because I am not exactly sure what I am going to say in the next flurry of posts, but I have an idea.

You see, I found out some rather interesting news earlier this week, and it got me to thinking. (Never a good thing, for those who don't know me) It seems that I had a small part (very small, from what I can tell) in someone making one of the most momentous decisions that a person can make in their life. It might even be the single most important decision a person can make. So, I started to think, "What did I do? And can I do it again?" My answer could be curious to some, but not to me. It will make sense once I am done with my ranting. (which could be a while, I'm not sure how long it will take right now) Once I asked those questions of myself, it led to some rather inevitable soul searching, which led me to decide what I was going to be writing about for the next couple of days (at least!). It also led to me to start composing several posts, which led to me deciding that two or three posts wasn't enough, so I started to compose some more posts, which made me realize that two or three DAYS wasn't enough, which led me to compose some MORE posts, which led me to believe that two or three LIFETIMES may not be enough. But, I will try and do what I can to keep it concise (stop laughing!) and relevant.

Now, my apologies.

  • If you are a pagan, or a non-Christian, I am sorry for spending what you may feel is too much time on Christianity.
  • If you are a Catholic, I am sorry for some rather nasty comments about the Roman Catholic Church I am trying to talk myself out of posting.
  • If you are a Christian, and are offended by what I say about what Christianity means, and what I view God's plan for Humans to be, I am sorry. Please consult with the Big Ranger, or His Book, directly to confirm or deny my assertations.
If you haven't figured it out by now (because you are a troll), I am going to do a Christianity marathon. I took a "Call", and it is not a "Call" one can ignore. So, unlike Jonah, I am not going to ask that the Caller "Call" back when it is more convenient. If He thinks it is convenient now, then it is convenient now. End of story.

If the person who made that decision comes here, please, if you feel you can and/or must, please do comment, and reveal yourself. I am actually curious as to what impact anything I had to say actually had, if any. I trust that, if you come here, you will recognize yourself rather quickly, once the first post is up.

Semper Fidelis: Always Faithful, to God, Corps and Country