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Sunday, July 25, 2004

On arbitrary rules

I suppose I should take some time and lay down some of the rules I had in mind when I created this little window into my twisted psyche. Blogsite rules are always tricky, because they are usually not posted, and if they are, they usually aren't enforced strictly. Well, let me tell you, all of my rules are completely arbitrary, and may be ignored or enforced at my whim. They may even be enforced differently for people I like or dislike. Heck, I may even be in a bad mood someday, and start enforcing rules that I make up on the spot! Just so y'all know.

Rule the First: Profanity, while not completely verboten, is frowned upon here. I was a Marine, so I can use language that would make a longshoreman blush when I get my dander up. But I don't like to do so, so I would ask that visitors please observe the "Profanity is strongly discouraged" signs posted at the entrances and throughout the meeting area.

Rule the Second: Thread hijacking is STRICTLY forbidden. Threads that morph into another topic altogether are not, however. I find that conversations that are not bound by strict limits on what is discussed to be the most fascinating. But, I find people who just change the subject, just because they don't like it, or can't contribute to it, to be very rude. Don't be rude. It makes me irate. And then I will be forced to violate Rule the First. Right before I delete your comments.

Rule the Third: No one has any rights here, other than the most basic. Threats, promises to beat up, statements made concerning possible shortening of life-span due to outside intervention, and posting of relevant personal information NOT THE POSTER'S OWN, will be dealt with. Harshly. And not just with a simple delete command. All legal recourses will be pursued. I don't like that shitstuff, and will do all I can to prevent it, and to punish those who do it. On the other hand, no one has any rights to post here. Except me. If you are deleted, don't complain about how I violated your rights. You have a right to say what you want. You do not have a right to make me listen to it, or read it. So, be warned, all you little trolls. I have very little patience with idiots. Try me in this, and see if I do not deliver.

Rule the Fourth: Trolls are NOT to be fed. Moonbats should be handled with extreme caution. LLL's should be directed to the nearest cliff. Healthy disagreement is acceptable, or even to be expected (except when you are disagreeing with me. What could you possibly be thinking?!), but just outright moonbat-tery is tiresome. If I have heard an arguement from three other sources, or from the New York Times, it will be ignored, and possibly deleted. My time is too valuable to waste shooting down yet another idiotic circular arguement from yet another nincompoop. (I am assuming everyone else's time is a little less valuable, because they are spending some of that time here!)

Rule the Fifth: Please keep all comments jargon-free. I am a Plain Language Pragmatist, so I view any arguement made with fancy, field-specific, terms to not be worth my time to understand. If you can't say it in plain English (only because that's the only language I remember these days), don't say it. It does your arguement no good to only be understandable to yourself and the three or four other PNG's in the world who knew the meanings of the terms you used. Military-speak is an exception. I am not as fluent in it as I used to be, but I still understand it, and can speak it well enough to pass for a native these days.

Rule the Sixth: If you have questions, ask. If you are here to learn, learn. If you are here to be a pest, pest someplace else. I believe that ignorance is curable, but only by the sufferer. Trying to educate someone is an exercise in futility. The only person who can educate you is YOU. So, don't try to change my mind with vehement argueing, or nasty comments. It won't work. If you want to change my mind (good luck! you'll need it), do it with evidence and reason. If you want to link to something, go ahead. If you want to reference a dead tree (actually preferable to me), go ahead. (If you want to reference The Onion as a news-source, don't. I've been reading The Onion since LONG before you even knew it existed. I was suspended for two days in high school, almost 18 years ago, for distributing The Onion.) Just don't expect me to be impressed with your research skills. I do not need evidence to prove what I already know. I won't post many links to prove my point, simply because I tend to view my stances as self-evident.

Rule the Seventh: I have a very dim view of the Roman Catholic Church. I will try and keep my nasty comments about the Roman Catholic Church to myself, but if I can't, or just don't feel like it that day, I won't. Just remember my animosity is toward the Roman Catholic heirarchy, not the laiety. I do not think it is the laiety's fault that they are being lied to by the Pope and his minions.

Rule the Eighth: I like Islam even less than the Roman Catholic Church. If I make a nice comment towards Islam, rest assured it was unintentional.

Rule the Ninth: All rules are subject to change without notice, or warning, or even expectation that the change isn't just being applied for one event. Live with it. Or go someplace else.

That concludes our training session for the day. Please, do not hesitate to ask the crew for any assistance you may or may not need during your stay. Thank you for flying the not-so-Friendly Bandwidth.

Semper Fidelis: Always Faithful, to God, Corps and Country