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Saturday, July 24, 2004

On giving thanks where thanks are deserved

"Thank You"s are a funny thing. When someone says "thank you", our culture has a tradition of the recipient of the "thank you" demurely begging the thanks off, saying "oh, it was nothing". I am as guilty of it as anyone. But, isn't it the right of the giver of thanks to determine whether the activity generating the thanks was "nothing" or "something"? I believe that it is. So, I will not accept ANY "it was nothing"s from the people who are deserving of my thanks in these past couple of months. They have done me a GREAT service by just being who they were, and doing nothing more than keeping me company through some very tough times. I know they don't know what they did, and I also haven't felt that I should burden them with the full impact of what their actions have done. But, they are deserving of thanks, none-the-less.

So, in no particular order, and with apologies for not mentioning everyone who deserves them (I don't always remember everyone I should thank), I now give some thank you's to the following people:

  • Mr. Minority
  • Emperor Darth Misha I
  • Steve KotE
  • the_redfalcon
  • Joseph Dromedary
  • Elephant Man
  • Brian, WotaP (although I should remove the thanks for those terrible puns of yours)
  • and all of the other citizens of the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiller, whether I named you or not. Even the trolls have performed a service worthy of thanks, by being so stupid, and morally bankrupt, so as to make me look like a saint in comparison.
The people I have named stick out in my head for kind words, or timely comments, that have bolstered my flagging spirits in some VERY trying times for me. The ones that I haven't named have just been good company. Both groups are equally deserving of thanks, and I hope they realize that just being who they are is all I have ever needed from them. And that was enough to deserve the thanks.

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