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Monday, July 26, 2004

On naming rights

I would like to take this time to discuss the actual meaning of the name of this blog, to maybe reveal to y'all what y'all are in for. Don't worry, I'll resume ranting shortly, but I think that maybe, just maybe, by explaining how this site was named, you might see what sort of conversations I like, and how I like to converse.

When I was married, my father-in-law and I used to have a barley-pop or 30 (not kidding, either), and start some conversations. Well, because I have a tendency to go off on tangents, he used to ask me "Does your story have a point? Or is this just another random firing of neurons?". I could never understand what he meant, since I didn't see how my story was a tangent. Well, from reading other blogs, I know understand.

I have a tendency to approach conversations in two ways, at the same time.

First, if I can think of a similar example to the one just presented, I will present my example, even if it only has no pertinence to the first example. I see similarities in just about everything, so I think my example is relevant, while the other person(s) views it as a needless tangent, or an attempt to change to topic.

Second, if I think that someone has just made an inaccurate statement, I tend to try and correct that inaccuracy, many times with the tenacity that made the Marine Corps famous, and lent them their nickname. I have always been that tenacious when pursuing inaccuracies, so the Marines did not instill it in me. They just encouraged it, and forged it, and refined it.

So, when I find someone spouting nonsense, I will brutally and ruthlessly hound that person until they submit and realize the errors of their ways. Or until they tell me to buzz off. Which is more common.

But, when I'm just conversing amongst friends, then they are subjected to the Random Firings of Neurons. And they still tell me to buzz off.

Y'all have been warned. Enjoy!

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