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Thursday, August 05, 2004

On cautious optimism

Yep, I'm cautiously optimistic right now. I had an interview on Tuesday for a job that will pay literally twice as much as I get paid now, with only about 25% more work. I felt that I was a long shot to even get a second interview, as I was sure that there were people FAR more qualified than I, and there were only two positions available. Well, today I was offered the job, pending a successful background check. While I do not have the cleanest background in the world, I was upfront and honest with them about it, and they felt that my background will not be a problem. I am now worried about whether or not my background will be acceptable to them, since I'm not sure what they are looking for in the check. I know, I know, I am worrying about nothing. But, I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want this job, even though I know that I won't like it as much as I told them I would. But, it will enable me to pay off my debts, save up a LOT of money, and move to Texas in three years.

Did I mention that this company is headquartered in Houston? I REALLYREALLYREALLY want this job.

Please lend any spare prayer time you might have. I am making time in my schedule to ask God for His help, as I know I cannot get this job on my own. I need His help. Maybe even lots of His help.

My optimism comes from the feeling that God would not have had me check the Internet job-sites on the ONE AND ONLY day I did so, to find this job posted only an hour before I checked the site, have me be able to take off time from work to interview for the job (I know, it felt icky to me, too.), and get a call-back to be offered the position, just to say "Whoops! Just kidding! Keep doing the mind-numbing, trained-monkey task I have planned for you!". Although, if that's what He wants, I'll do it.

I just won't be happy about it.

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