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Thursday, August 19, 2004

On excuses

Okay, one more excuse, and then I'll get to blogging like a good little minion...

Yesterday, I didn't blog because my important task was still unfinished (still is unfinished, but the danger zone has been passed through), and I really needed to devote all my attention to the task. So, nothing from last night.

Tonight, however, my head feels better than it did this morning, if that's any consolation. It seems that yesterday, while I was at my third-to-last day at work, all of the dust at work finally decided to bother my poor, weakened sinuses... to the point where my sinuses launched a revolt. This morning. On my second-to-last day of work...Good Grief, I feel like a horse's ass for calling in sick one day before my last day of work. But my head was KILLING me... Now, it's only a minor irritant. No worse than when I try to figure out what John F'ing Kerry just said.

So, as a result of said rebellion by my sinuses, I won't be posting tonight, either. But, I have some drafts under construction right now, so I'm hoping I can get some good stuff up in the next couple of days. Maybe even good enough to make up for me being such a wimp...

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