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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

On mixed feelings

Okay, on the advice of some LC's over at The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiller, who are far more computer literate than I am, I switched both my web-browser and e-mail getter to Mozilla, Firefox and Thunderbird, respectively. Now, I should have thought this through, and realized that I am not exactly a genius when it comes to computer stuff. I didn't, so now I have a web-browser that is a touch tempermental, and a e-mail fetcher that I don't exactly trust. I have been assured that I am a little more virus proof as a result, but I'm not sure I'm comfortable using programs that have as many glitches as these two do (not many, but one glitch is more than I am capable of handling).

On the positive note, I get far less junk-mail than I used to, and I am actually learning a fair amount of HTML, because I am getting tired of cutting and pasting codes, and the quickie HTML buttons don't appear on any sites I've been to. They appear on my blog-editor, but the editor was created to be Mozilla compatible.

Am I just being a nervous Nancy-boy, or are the Mozilla products actually better than IE and OE?

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