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Sunday, August 01, 2004

On qualifications

Okay, here is my first all-out defensive posture post. You see, I have a little bit of a defense reflex when it comes to my qualifications to comment on things. I am not very well schooled. I am fairly well educated, but I have very little formal education. High school was about as far as I went in the schooling department, and I just barely managed to complete THAT!

I do, however, have several qualifications that I think y'all should be aware of.

  • I read voraciously. I read two or three books a week, and that is in the very sparse spare time I have. I only read about one or two hours a day, and only if nothing shinier has grabbed my attention. Like this site.
  • I have a good grasp of patterns. I can find similarities in two completely unrelated things, and I can find differences in two near-identical things. It is what leads to a lot of my tangents. I see a pattern that not many others see.
  • God communicates to me. No, I'm not a schizophrenic, or a paranoiac, or even ALL that mentally ill. I just am willing to listen to God, and recognize the little hints He leaves around for me to find. I do not believe in coincidence, and the past two years since I accepted Jesus have only reinforced that belief. I have had too many times where I was thinking about a question, or had asked God a question, and it was answered in a VERY timely manner. A day or two, at the longest. That has happened to me close to a hundred times. If not more. In two years. That's close to once a week. I'm not man enough to ignore God's hints.
  • God has shown that His qualifications for communicating His truths are VERY different than ours. Just read the Bible some time, especially the Old Testament. How many of His prophets were formally schooled, or drawn from the ranks of the priesthood? Even Samuel wasn't a priest. He was just raised under the protection of the priesthood. Now, I am not even REMOTELY going to equate myself with even the LEAST of the prophets, but if God thinks I am qualified to preach His Word, I'm not man enough to argue with Him.

One of the ulterior motives I have behind this post is to show the rank-and-file butts-in-the-pews Faithful that they DO have a say in how they communicate with God. Actually, under the Calvinist traditions, the Faithful have ALL of the say in how to communicate with God. The Faithful are SUPPOSED to read God's Word for themselves, and understand it, with Sunday sermons just being a review of what the Faithful should already know. So, don't worry about your qualifications to proclaim the Word of God. If you feel driven to share His Word (and you should!), do it. Don't worry about whether or not someone else thinks you are qualified. God thinks you are, if you have spent the time yourself to find out what His Word is.

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