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Monday, August 23, 2004

On random notes

Okay, I have a bit of writers block. I just can't seem to think of anything to write about, so, for now, I will write about nothing. I am a little drained from having my brain picked over this thing or that thing, so, my brain just shut off. Hopefully, in a day or two, my brain will restart, and I can get back to actually writing about stuff that matters.

The first day of work was...boring. VERY boring. The company I am working for requires that all their new drivers spend a week taking safety classes before actually training in their vehicles. Now, I know that safety classes are VERY important, especially when one is dealing with vehicles that are inherently more dangerous than normal trucks are, which is quite dangerous to begin with. But, great googgly-moogly, if I wanted to spend a week in an office attending meetings, I wouldn't be a truck-driver. I HATE being in an office. HATE, HATE, HATE it. I also strongly dislike spending time around other people. Which means I hate meetings, in an office, even more. One of the reasons I like being a truck driver is the solitude. No one around to bug me, or pester me with idiotic statements, or to do things that are so nonsensical as to cause me to want to strangle them, just to weed out the gene-pool. Oh, well. The meeting only last about 6 hours a day, but they will be paying me for 8 hours a day, so I can't complain TOO loudly. But I will still complain.

Another thing I can't stand is the IDEA of safety meetings. Safety is usually so common-sensical, I am offended that the classes are even needed. But, one of the reasons they are needed is that there is a lot of stupid in this world, and all of it seems to congregate around dangerous equipment. So, I know the classes are needed, I just hate the fact they ARE needed.

Also, we had to have a mini-class on ethics in the workplace. What a crock of...um, salad. Ethics are one of those things that you either have, or you don't have. You cannot be taught them. You have to live them. So, again, I have to sit through a class that really shouldn't need to be taught, but has to be, because of all the idiots out there.

Did I mention this job will pay me twice as much as my last job did? I admit it, I am mercenary. My tolerance for BS goes up in direct proportion to my economic compensation. And I am being compensated quite well (for this area, at least) so I will put up with the BS. Besides, it only lasts a week, and then I get to train on their vehicles for a week, and then I get to train on a route for a week. So, in two weeks, I will actually get to go out in a vehicle. With somebody along, so no solitude, but after two weeks of being trapped in the yard, or in an office, I will be happy for the change of scenery.

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