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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

On stalling for time

I have the opposite of writer's block. I can't figure out how to write what I want to write in anything resembling clear OR concise. So, I'm going to take a day or two and try to force some order on my thoughts. Or at least get them to behave. Until then, I'll just have to write a little grab-bag post.

Things one shouldn't say when trying to impress a crowd

It seems that a candidate in this year's presidential election spent several days giving speeches in Ohio, where he praised Buckeye football. Now, he was never clear whether he supported Ohio State football, or just Ohio football in general, as Ohio is the Buckeye state. In any event, when this candidate went up to Michigan, he continued to use the same speech line about supporting Buckeye football. In Michigan. The home of the Wolverines. Who HATE Ohio State football, and Ohio in general. Bad move. Well, at least he and his running mate have good hair...

Someone is trying to pretend to be a regular person, and failing

It seems that the Kerry's and Edward's went to a Wendy's while in Ohio, to celebrate the Edward's wedding anniversary. Well, Mrs. Kerry took a long look at the menuboard, and pointed to a picture of something on the menuboard that she wasn't sure what it actually was. The cashier told her it was "chili". Mrs. Kerry, after much deliberating, finally settled on the chili as the only thing she would be able to stomach eating on the menu. And she ended up throwing away the chili, because she didn't like it. How does someone make it to her age and never eat chili?! Or even know what it is?! I can almost understand not liking chili. Almost. Chili is a "body-weight" food for me. I can eat my body-weight in chili, in one sitting. Me like chili.

What a great endorsement of the possible first lady

It now seems that the Kerry campaign has decided that Mrs. Kerry CANNOT be allowed to speak in unscripted environments with regular people. Couple this with the fact that John F'ing Kerry's poll numbers go UP the LESS he campaign's, and it seems that the Kerry/Edwards campaign is doomed. Which means us members of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy should be cheering for Senator Kerry to campaign as much as possible, even if we have to listen to the media fawn all over him. Remember, America needs to be introduced to the Kerry campaign, so they can actually know how spineless Kerry is. So, I hate to say this, but I hope Theresa and John get their mugs on television as much as possible. It will make my stomach turn, but it is a small price to pay for Kerry committing political seppeku for the world to see.

The only thing good about listening to the Brewers

Bob Uecker is in the Baseball Hall of Fame for a reason. He is the best play-by-play man AND color commentator in baseball. Hands down. No question. I am listening to the Brewers get their brains beat in by the Mets, and I'm still here, just to hear Bob's stories. Jim Powell, his partner in the booth, could be the voice of any other team, but he just fills in the air time until Bob gets back on the air. (the two of them alternate innings usually. they share a couple of innings per game, but it's usually only one of them at a time.) That's how good Uke is. He makes good announcers seem like amatuers. All of you baseball fans who have good teams should despair. No matter how bad the Brewers play, Bob still keeps me listening. Can y'all say that about your radio announcers?

Well, that's all I can come up with for now. Maybe tommorrow I will have something coherent to post.

I wish my brain had a filing system that would let me get my thoughts out of my head and onto a page, in an understandable form.

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