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Friday, August 13, 2004

On trust

In my mis-spent youth, I was an "Applied Psychology Entrepeur". Which is one of the most hated professions in the world. You see, an APE (acronym completely unintentional) thrives on betrayal of trust. Your local "Private Independent Pharmecuetical Entrepeneur" is more trust-worthy than an APE. You see, when you purchase your pharmecueticals from your local street-corner provider, if you don't get what you pay for, you don't go back. So, the street-corner provider has to be trustworthy, at least as far as his product goes. An APE, on the other hand, deals in mistrust. Lies are their commodity. Deception is what you are paying for, and half-truths are only sold on special. But, don't ever lie to an APE. They don't like that. It makes their job more difficult.

In order to be an APE, one has to have several skills, in abundance, and with near-mastery. One of those skills is rapid character evaluation, or being able to determine someone's character in less than five minutes. It's not a skill that one can learn over night, nor is it easy to teach, even with the plethora of books on the subject. The way to learn it, in my case at least, is with YEARS of observation and attentiveness to what people say, compared with what they do. I have always been able to blend in to a crowd, even if that crowd is only three people. So, for most of my school years, I was able to listen in on conversations, and then follow the speakers around, and hear their other conversations, and also watch what the speakers did after their listeners were no longer around. And what I learned about people soured me on personal interaction for almost two decades.

You see, I learned that people are generally opposites of who they pretend to be. So, the most insecure people I have met were really VERY competent at what they did, they just never thought they were doing it well enough to suit themselves. Or the most confident people I met were rather incompetent, and were really not all that good at what they did. In addition, I found that the people who were the most enamored of their level of education were rather stupid, and those who were apologetic of their education were highly intelligent. As a person who pardoxically thrived on honesty to tell my lies, I found that I couldn't stand to be around people who were living lies. I just started out trying to make points to people about themselves, and then learned that they weren't learning what I was teaching. So, I decided to make some money off of them. It worked for a few years, until I coulnd't stand to look at the liar I had to look at everday in the mirror. So, I quit. But, the lessons I learned on human behavior are still with me. And I still use them.

One of the lessons I still practice is "the guilty accuses first". Or, the person who is guilty of the crime, or sin, is the one who usually lobs the first charges of it against others. I have read somewhere that the police use this to very good effect to solve murders, as the person who first calls in the murder is usually (not always) the one who committed it.

We can also see this in the "race card" played on a daily basis by some of our politicians. You know the ones. The ones who say it is racist to say that a black man is capable of succeeding on his own, without government help. I think Gen Benjamin O. Davis, and his son Gen. Benjamin O. Davis, JR. would disagree with those people. You see, both Gen. Davis's graduated from West Point, as black men, when black men weren't even allowed to serve in the US Army, except as stewards and stevedores. Yet, the senior Gen Davis graduated from West Point, as the first black man to even attend, much less graduate, in the 1800's! And his son also graduated from West Point, some 20 or 30 years later, as one of the first five black men to ever graduate! When World War II broke out, Gen Davis, JR, was one of the most experienced combat pilots in the US Army, so he was put in charge of the first US Army Air Corps pilot school for black men, at Tuskeegee, AL. At the time, Gen Davis was only a Col., but he knew the deck was stacked against him. He KNEW that he was only being allowed to teach these young black men to fly, just so the racists (in the Democrat party, for the record) could say "See! We told you black men weren't smart enough to fly!" He told his first class that they were allowed ZERO mistakes. Not one. Col Davis was aware that any mistake, no matter how common in white candidates, or how simple, would be an excuse to stop the "experiment" and relegate black men to subservient role in the US Army, possibly forever. He almost got that zero-mistake ratio, and the one mistake made by one of his cadets almost shut the school down. But he still had the fewest amount of fatalities of any pilot school, and proved, conclusively, that black men COULD compete with white men. Although, compete wouldn't be the best term, since it wasn't a fair fight. The black men were superior in ability, and education, and motivation, to their white counterparts. So, it wasn't a level playing field. The black men had all the advantages, and proceeded to perform far and above the ability of their white counterparts. The fighter wing that was eventually formed out of the Tuskeegee pilot classes had the distinction of NEVER (that means NOT ONCE!) having a bomber that they escorted shot down by enemy aircraft. (The bombers downed by flak they can be forgiven for, as fighters don't do much good against flak.) No wing flown by white pilots even came close. Or even REMOTELY close. Or even within 50 bombers close. And there is a political party that tells us we have to help out the black man, to give him a fair shot. My ass. Take away the incentives for them to do nothing, and they will succeed far beyond what we can imagine. They have done it in the past. Let them do it again.

Another area where we can find the guilty accusing first is in the area of religion. In my observations, the people who are the most vocal about this person or that person going to Hell because of their sins usually have quite a few sins of their own to deal with. It is as if they are trying to use the Spanish Inquisition's methods to gain access to Heaven: If I consign enough people to Hell, God will see that I am serious about getting into Heaven. Bullshit. Flagrant bullshit. 15-yards-and-loss-of-down Flagrant bullshit. We are ALL going to Hell, without the intervention of God, through His son, Jesus the Christ. I believe Jesus had something to say about this. Something about a mote and a beam, and the locations thereof.

This is a thread that I am not sure I can do justice to, in the amount of time and space I have available. So, I will probably keep revisiting this one. Like I don't have enough threads to revisit... Oh, well, at least I'll always have something to post about.

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