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Sunday, September 05, 2004

On being a wuss

Okay, sorry for the long absence. After my week of really boring safety classes, I was hurled out into the wild and woolly world of slingin' trash. Ouch. Mega-ouch. On an easy day, I only got to load 6 TONS of trash onto the truck. On a day that was considered a "moderate" day by the more experienced driver, it was 12 TONS of trash. And y'all wanna take a guess as to who got to load all that trash? Since I'm the FNG, I get to do it. I'm not complaining about that, not in the least. I have always been of the opinion that the FNG's do all the work, because the experienced people don't need the practice. BUT, doing all that trash slingin' made for some rather, um, tired nights. Nights where the only thought I had was "Dear Lord, please let me be able to move in an hour." So, I have been very tired and sore for the past week. So, I am sorry. Next week isn't looking any better for me, due to the holiday, but I should be a little more used to it by then, so I hope to be able to post a little more next week.

Now that I am here, and posting, though, I would like to take the opportunity to do a little braggin'. When I was hired for this job, I told the interviewer (the same gentleman who inflicted that week of classes on me, btw) that I knew that I was going to be sore and tired for the first month of work. I've been doing physical labor, and I mean REAL physical labor, for the past eight years or so. So, I am aware that starting a new physical job will involve breaking in new muscles. Muscles which will not be all that thrilled about the new demands I place on them. But, strangely, I haven't actually had the soreness and pain that I would have expected from this job, and that the other person who started with me has been experiencing. All I have been feeling is fatigue and muscles just being asked to do more than I have normally asked them to do. So, I am quite pleased with my lack of pain, in comparison to what I was expecting. My only problem has been with cramping up, and that only happens when I sit for too long. I haven't had any of the pains that my supervisors and co-workers were expecting me to get. The kid (and I use that term to refer to anyone under the age of 25) who started the same day that I did has been complaining about sore fingers, and legs, and arms, and ribs, and back. I have just been tired. I guess I wasn't lyin' when I tell people that this fat-boy is stronger than he looks...

Oh, and thank you. All of you. I know that I haven't been real good about posting this last couple of weeks, and your comments and queries about my lack of posting actually do mean a lot to me. It means that y'all are reading my musings. It also means that I am not the only one who finds my musings to be at least a little interesting. I hope to be able to justify your patience with me in the near future.

Oh, and I am also hoping to get a picture or two of me up on the site in the next month or two. Since I am about to have FAR more expendable cash than I am used to, I might just be able to find the lucre to get a scanner to scan some pictures of me...

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