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Sunday, September 05, 2004

On my favorite time of year

My second favorite time of year starts on Thursday, September 9. My favorite time of year started yesterday, September 4. Football time of year. College football time of year first, and then professional football. So, expect to get some football posts from me, once the seasons get into full swing. Oh, and I am a Big 10 fan. A BIG Big 10 fan. So big of a fan, that I have actually refused to enter states because they were in the Big 10, and weren't Wisconsin... so I don't want to hear any crap about how good the Big 12 is, or how good the Pac-10 is, or how good the SEC is. They are all second rate conferences, and wouldn't last two seasons with the Big 10 style of play. Just look at what happened in Happy Valley when the Nittany Lions joined the Big 10... Joe Pa ain't behind the times. He ain't too old. The game hasn't passed him by. He just bit off more than he could chew with the Big 10. When Penn State was an independent, Joe Pa coached one game at a time, for 11 games a year. In the Big 10, you have to coach a 7 game season. The other four games are just warm ups for conference games.

Oh, and I'll get this out of my system. If a service academy plays ANYBODY, I am a fan of that academy. I root for the academies almost every game, with a few important exceptions...such as playing each other. If Army played my Badgers, I would give some serious thought to being an Army fan that day, and it takes a lot for me to root against my Badgers. I'll comment on Army-Navy when the time comes, since it is the only time each year when I say two words I hate to say...and I ain't sayin' 'em today.

For the record, my favorite college teams are, in order:

  1. The Wisconsin Badgers.
  2. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish.
  3. The Florida State Seminoles.
  4. Whoever plays the Nebraska Cornhuskers.
  5. Whoever plays the Miami Hurricanes.
  6. The Texas Christian Horned Toads.
  7. Whoever plays the Michigan Wolverines.
  8. Any Big 10 Team in a bowl game. This overrides any "whoever plays" rules I might have.

My favorite National Football League teams are, in order:

  1. The Green Bay Packers.
  2. The Atlanta Falcons.
  3. Whoever plays the Dallas Cowboys.
  4. Whoever plays the San Francisco Fourty-Niners.
  5. Whoever plays the Chicago Bears.
  6. Whoever plays the Minnesota Viqueens. (even though most of my fantasy football players are 'Queens...)
  7. Whichever National Football Conference team represents the NFC in the Super Bowl, unless it is one of the afore-mentioned "whoever plays" teams.
  8. The Tennesse Titans. The only American Football Conference team I can even muster the effort to care about.

So, there you have it. My favorite football teams. I can imagine that my list should spark some, um, indignation from other fans, but they are my favorite teams. So, lump it if you don't like it. :-)

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