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Sunday, September 12, 2004

On playing with new toys

Me "relaxing" at my aunt's cabin. Posted by Hello

Okay, I now have a scanner, so I decided to play with it to see if I could get a photo or two up here for y'all. I'm using the Hello program, and it doesn't seem to me to be all that easy to use. Of course, since I don't know how hard the other programs are to use, I guess I wouldn't be a good judge of difficulty. If any of y'all have any suggestions on how I can do this without dedicating days of my life to figuring out how to get the photos up onto my site, it would be much appreciated. Until then, I guess I'll have to do it the "hard" way.

But now y'all have an idea of what I look like. It's not the best photo, but it was the best of a bad bunch. I'll hunt for some more, but I don't like to have my picture taken, which you should be able to see why in the photo...I'm only slightly more telegenic than a bag full of buttholes.

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