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Saturday, November 06, 2004

On fighing back

I am in a bit of a quandry at work. It seems that some of the more experienced drivers (at least more experienced than me, which is all of them but one...) have the bug up their butt to unionize. Unionize. Yep, you saw that right. There is talk of letting the Teamsters into our shop. Of course, this generated the expected reaction from management...sheer panic. Management doesn't want us to unionize, and is now trying to do everything it can to keep the Teamsters out. So, management is now trying to address all the problems the drivers have to keep the union from getting in. This creates a small problem for me.

You see, there are very few things I hate more than unions. VERY few. If I had to choose between joining a union, and becoming a subject of the Holy See, I would become Catholic. Now, if it was a choice between joining a union and becoming Muslim, I would seriously contemplate suicide...or at least armed rebellion. Now, my problem is, I don't want the union to come in. So, I am going to work with management as much as I can to keep the union out. But, I'm new. VERY new. So, I now run the risk of pissing off a lot of my co-workers who may be amenable to the lies promises of the union. But, I don't want to work for a union. I have already told one of my bosses that I might have to quit if the we unionize. There is a chance that I can transfer out, but I'm so new, that no other facility may want me, due to me being an unknown quantity, with no real pattern of work for them to base their decision on. Also, since I am so new, I doubt the other drivers will be willing to confide in me about their problems with management, so management can fix them. This means that there is rather little that I can do to actually help the management to fix the problems, thereby helping me in my goal to keep the union out.

I suppose I should take this time to explain that there are very few workers out there who are a bigger friend of higher management than I am. Due to my rather, um, varied work history (I used to be a job-hopper...), I have quite a bit of experience dealing with management, and have actually been a manager three times. I know how difficult successful management is, and I know how thankless their lives are. So, I try and make the management's life as easy as possible, with an unintended side-effect being that I rarely have to actually talk to my bosses. I don't like talking to my boss. It usually means I am either getting more work, or an ass-chewing. I don't like either situation. So, I bend over backwards to insure that management never has a reason to talk to me, which means I don't cause problems, I don't complain, and I don't make waves. I also volunteer for a lot of extra work, to prevent management from assigning the work to me.

In addition, I found out something about how Christians are supposed to conduct their work lives that changed how I behaved as an employee. You see, Paul told us that we are to work "as unto the Lord"...which means God is my boss, not my company. My company just happens to be the local supervisor for me, but God is my boss. And God is NOT a boss that one should try and piss off. He always seems to get His way, and, when He fires someone, it tends to not involve any unemloyment compensation...

So, if y'all have any suggestions of what I can do to keep the union out, I am open to hearing them. Please keep them moral, ethical, and legal.

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