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Saturday, November 27, 2004

On meanings

Okay, this has been bugging me for quite some time, now. So, I'm going to try and get it off my chest, and see if it helps y'all understand some very important things about Christianity, and the schisms between the denominations.

Way back when, even before digital watches, the Roman Catholic Church had a near-monopoly on Christian doctrine. The Greek Orthodox Church existed, sure, but it only had influence in the East. The only other Christian doctrines that existed were (correctly, BTW) labeled as heretics by the RCC. Now, with a near-monopoly on the issue of doctrine, what did the RCC do? It started ignoring, re-interpreting, and just flat out declaring wrong any portion of the Bible that didn't conform to the wishes of the Pope and the Cardinals. What was their reason? Simple. Power grab. Many, if not most, of the Council of Cardinals were cardinals because of money or political influence, rather than any real grasp of Christian doctrine, so, the cardinals merely were continuing the behavior that made them cardinals to begin with. So, we can understand WHY it happened, we just don't have to agree with it, or the results.

One of the worst results that happened was the diluting of the Gospel. Since most people at that time were illiterate, they couldn't read the words of the Gospel for themselves, so had to take the RCC's word for it. And since the cardinals were more interested in grabbing power than winning souls, they started the tradition of "expository revelation", or, put in simpler, jargon-free terms, "God told me that this part of the Bible doesn't apply anymore". When the cardinals, through their puppet, the Pope, started to realize that they were using that outlet even too much for their tastes, they had to take a different tack. Which was deciding that the Bible had to be fallible, since it was written by men. Now, if one part of the Bible is fallible, due to it's human authorship, wouldn't it stand to reason that ANY part of the Bible could be fallible, even the parts about the existence of God?

I don't think it is any accident that most of the anti-Christian arguements are the direct result of some of the RCC doctrines and theology from the middle part of the RCC history. Since the RCC declared portions of the Bible in error, due to the human weakness, NO part of the Bible became defensible, at least for the RCC. And when parts of the Bible were selectively interpreted, sometimes willfully and grossly, what was to prevent anyone else from declaring THEIR interpretation to be the correct one? When one part of the Bible is applied, without the contextual passsages surrounding it, how can anyone be criticized for using one verse to justify their bad behavior?

One of the longer term effects of this doctrine is the Protestant schism, and the schishms between the Protestants. Many, if not most, of the Protestant denominations were created because they felt that either the RCC, or the other Protestants, were selectively interprteting, or even ignoring, the parts of the Bible that the new denomination considered important. So, the various flavors of Protestants actually are the result of many decisions, by many people, to selectively interpret the Bible differently than anyone else. This has got to stop, and right now.

If you are a Christian, or even call yourself one, you have to make a decision, and soon. Are you going to accept the Bible, the whole Bible, and nothing but the Bible, or are you going to continue to pay attention to only the parts that you like? Because, I assure you, Jesus knew about what was going to happen, and predicted it, and then laid out a punishment for it. When He returns, He will also cast into the Lake of Fire those who claimed to be followers of His, yet didn't follow ALL of His commandments...even the commandments we don't like. Don't believe me? Look it up. In Jesus' own words, false followers of Him will be treated no better than people who didn't follow Him. And those who preach false doctrine will be "twice damned" for preaching false doctrine. Once for themselves, and once for the soul that they condemned to the Lake of Fire.

Pray on it. Think on it. Read on it. But, most importantly, ACT on it.

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