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Saturday, November 27, 2004

On more lame excuses

Okay, I haven't been posting much, yet again, but I have a reason. Work became somewhat of a butt-kicker these past two weeks, with drivers being injured at alarming rates, and then having a holiday in the middle of the week. The same amount of trash needs to be picked up, but, one week, we didn't have enough drivers to do it, and the next week, we didn't have enough days. So, this morning, I was priveleged enough to get to work, picking up garbage, to help us catch up for next week. It was cold, and it rained EVERY STINKIN' MINUTE I WAS OUT THERE! So, after I dry off, and suck down some HOT coffee, and get to feeling like I won't freeze to death, I just might be able to muster the energy to get some posts up.

I make no promises as to the quality of the posts, just that they will be present.

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