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Saturday, December 11, 2004

On Promises

I promise I will have something substantial up on Sunday. I promise, cross my heart, and hope to die, promise.

My week was, well, tiring. From Tuesday to Thursday, I hit my 40 hours. Add on the 11 hour day on Monday, and, come Friday, I didn't have a whole lot of hours left to work. Stupid DOT regulations. So, Friday came, and was supposed to be a short day. Well, it was, but not for the reason I thought it was. You see, I still had my route to do, but not enough hours to complete it. So, the supervisor on duty pulled some strings, and had someone help me, so I could at least TRY and get my route done in time. Well, that didn't work out so well. Well, it would have, if my tailgate hadn't opened up at a stop. If you didn't know, garbage trucks are unloaded from the rear, via a swing-up tailgate. Now, when that tailgate opens, garbage will come pouring out...good if you are at the landfill, not so good if you are on a county highway, in front of a customer's house. Well, my tailgate decided on the not-so-good option. So, after about two hours of waiting for a supervisor to show up, to help close the tailgate, and carefully driving the truck back to the shop, to dump in our transfer station, I didn't have quite so many hours left to work. It wasn't even worth my time to try and drive out to my route to see what I could finish in the time allotted, since I would get out there just in time to turn around and come back. So, home I went.

I was going to take a short nap when I got home. About 4PM, I lay down for my nap, and woke up at 8....AM, the following day. Methinks I was a touch tuckered out.

One of the things I'm going to be posting on tommorrow is one of my (former) pastor's attempt to get me to go back to the church...I felt sorry for her. I really did. No one should have to face such an impossible task.

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