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Saturday, December 04, 2004

On rarity

Okay, once again, light posting this week due to work. I'm learning a new route (they are ALL new to me...), and it's the biggest residential route that our shop has. I made the mistake of saying to my bosses "Work me like a dog. I LIKE to work long hours." I have a move to Texas to pay for... Anyway, they took me up on my offer, and are training me on the route that no-one else wants, because it's so damn big. And I mean BIG! The easiest day on the route is 10 hours, and 10 tons of trash, and 500 homes. That's the EASY day. So, I have some LOOOOOOOOOONGGGGGG days ahead of me, since it takes a new driver an average of 3-4 hours longer to do a route than an experienced driver. I do have a limit (DOT imposed...stupid regulations) of how many hours I work in a week, so I won't be LIVING at work, but, it will be close. I expect to be putting in 60hrs/week for the next two or three months...after I get used to it, it will only be 54hrs/week, or so. So, again, posting will be light, but I do hope to get at least a token post up every Saturday, and hopefully on Sundays also.

I do have some ideas for posts brewing in my head, but, when I get home from work, my brain just wants to turn off. So, I can never muster the energy to get something up during the week. When I was doing delivery, I could always just keep a log of my thoughts during the day, but, doing garbage pickup, I literally do not have the time. At this point of my training, I am trying to shave mere seconds off my times at each stop. (cutting a mere ten seconds off of my time between stops will save me 1hr 40min per day...) Doesn't leave a lot of time to goof off.

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