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Sunday, December 05, 2004

On Sudden Attacks of Reality

Okay, here's my first football post of this season. I don't really have much else to say, so I thought I'd throw something up here about my Green Bay Slackers Packers.

After the Packers got off to a 1-4 start, I started telling all and sundry that the Packers would be lucky to win 8 games all year. Now, after a 6-0 run, I still stand by that. During those 6 games, the Packers didn't play a team with a winning record...not one. So, the Packers managed to (barely) score more points than teams that had problems scoring more points than their opponents...big deal. Now, a W is a W, but the Packers were struggling against LOSING teams...and needed some late-game heroics to win several of those games. The offense was scoring, nearly at will, against defenses that would have had a hard time stopping me, but the defense was a speed bump. It only slowed the other team's offense down, it didn't really stop them.

Today, the Packers played a REAL team, the Filthedelphia Eagles. And got CRUSHED. Badly. The game wasn't as close as the score indicated. The score was 47-17, but the Packers scored their final 14 points in the last couple of minutes of the 4th quarter, when the backups to the backups were playing...it was like a preseason game. So, after a 6-0 run, against losing teams, the Packers got crushed again, by a team with a winning record. The Packers, fortunately, have three more games against NFC North teams, so they should get at least two more wins, but I will venture a guess, and say that those will be the ONLY two wins the Packers get for the rest of the season...leaving the Packers with a 9-7 record, and they should feel grateful if they get THAT many wins.

On the Fantasy Football front, I just locked up my division today. Well, not really locked up, because my opponent has two players in tommorrow nights game (Eddie George and Josh Brown), but he needs 50 points out of the 2 of them to beat me. So, for the first time in 7+ years in this league, I will win my division. I won't have first round bye in the playoffs, because I am the best team out of a REALLY BAD division, but, hey, I'll take my victories (and $50...) where I can get them.

I do have to say, as a Falcons fan (no longer in hiding...), it does my heart good to see the Falcons leading their division and the '49ers stinking up the football field. Now, I have ZERO hope of the Falcons making it to the Super Bowl, but at least they made it to the playoffs...that doesn't happen often to my Falcons. And have I mentioned I HATEHATEHATE the '49ers? Because, if I haven't, I HATEHATEHATE the '49ers. That 1-12, or 2-11 record, or whatever miserable record they have, does my little heart good.

On the college front, my Beloved Bucky Badger better get his act together, and most quickly. Bucky plays the Georgia Bulldogs in the Outback Bowl, on January 1st...and the only team to beat Bucky in a bowl game during the Alvarez years was the Georgia Bulldogs...in the Outback Bowl, on January 1st. Bucky got off to a fantastic start this year, and then, seemed to forget what game they were playing. After getting off to a 9-0 start, Bucky had his traditional late-season collapse, but did it two games in a row, for a record of 9-2. Miserable. Perfectly miserable. To rub salt in the wounds, Bucky's second collapse was against the hated Iowa Fred Flinstones Hawkeyes. (We call them the "Fred Flinstones" because of the Hawkeye's resemblance to Fred, if you turn the head 90 degrees clockwise...do it sometime, and tell me you don't see him...) The only team in the Big 10 that Bucky hates more than the Fred Flinstones Hawkeyes is the Minnesota Golden Gophers. Fun trivia fact for the day: The Wisconsin Badgers/Minnesot Golden Gophers rivalry is the longest CONTINUOUS rivalry in all of college football. 100+ games and counting. (I think it's about 110 games in a row now.) Army/Navy, Texas/Oklahoma, Harvard/Yale. All may have more games played, or, in the case of Harvard/Yale, may have started their rivalry sooner, but, the Badgers and Gophers have gone at it more years in a row than anyone else.

Speaking of Army/Navy, GO NAVY! Great win against Army yesterday, drawing the series to dead even, yet again. Almost 100 games played between them, and the series is locked up in a tie...now THAT'S a rivalry.

If you were wondering why I root for Navy, against Army, the answer lay behind the Navy sidelines during the game. Three jerseys, filled with pads only, were placed behind Navy's bench yesterday, in honor of the three US Naval Academy graduates, who had played in the Army/Navy game, who died in Iraq this past year...as US Marines. The Marines don't have their own academy. They use Annapolis, and many, if not most, Annapolis football players are Marine-option midshipman. All I have to say about that is "Semper Fi, Leathernecks".

That about wraps up my thoughts on football for today. Sometime this week, I should get something more substantial up. But it could be any day from Monday to Saturday. It all depends on how my mental reserves are after work.

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