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Friday, January 21, 2005

On advice and consent

Okay, time for a little 'sperimentin'. Due to an...interesting...personality quirk of mine, (a mild, but VERY annoying, case of autism), I'm not all that good at coming up with topics to post about. Or, rather, I'm very good at doing it, but, TOO good. I come up with so many ideas, there is no way I can get all of them posted. Also, because I tend to be, um, a touch, um, verbose, each real post I compose takes at least an hour to write. So, I have about 1000 ideas, and I don't have 1000 hours to write them all. So, here's where the experiment comes in. If y'all have something y'all just HAVE to read my opinion on, let me know. You see, I can answer questions really well, I just can't make up answers to questions that haven't been asked yet. I'm kind of a "point-and-shoot" blogger. Give me a target, and I'll aim for it. Leave me to my own devices, and I'll just wander around aimlessly, with my brain in neutral...meaning I'm not blogging like a good little minion. So, TELL ME WHAT TO TALK ABOUT!

If you don't give ideas, I'll be forced to put up pictures of my cats. I gave my roommate a digital camera for Christmas, with a 256MB card...wanna dare me to post all 256MB of cat photos?

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