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Sunday, January 30, 2005

On The Death of Right and Wrong

Okay, here is my first book review. If y'all don't like it, tell me. If you wanna see more stuff other than book reviews, let me know.

I finished reading Tammy Bruce's The Death of Right and Wrong about two days ago. After reading it, I am somewhat saddened that Tammy has the same taste in women that I do.

Tammy quite clearly and succinctly lays out the Liberal Establishment's attempts to destroy American culture in this book. It is rather extensively footnoted, and Tammy has quite a bit of experience with the Liberal Establishment anyway, due to her stint as NOW-LA's president, and her seat on NOW's board of directors. One of the most important concepts she "introduces" in her book is the idea of the "malignant narcissist". Once we understand what one of those is, Liberalism becomes much easier to comprehend, and much scarier.

Basically, a malignant narcissist is someone who has been so damaged by their previous experiences that they want to reshape the world to where the narcissist is no longer unusual. It is rather revealing that most gay activists have been sexually abused by someone, and many, if not most, or even all, gays and lesbians had either a horrible relationship with a member of the opposite sex, or was sexually abused by a member of the same sex. So, in order to no longer feel like an outsider, due to the relatively rare experiences these people have had, they want to change everyone else, so they seem normal by comparison. It is visible almost every where we can think of as a "liberal" establishment. The normal people are a minority in those establishments.

Tammy, by the way, is a conservative, but, only by default. Much the same way that Bernard Goldberg, Harry Stein, and David Horowitz are "conservative", Tammy is a conservative simply because the Liberals say so. She is a lesbian, voted for Ronald Reagan, and is a die-hard feminist, and is also pro-murder of unborn children abortion choice. But, since she had the nerve to stand up to what she percieved as lies from Liberal causes (detailed more explicitly in her other book, The New Thought Police), she was branded a conservative. She is no less outspoken now than when she was actually a member of the Liberal Elite, so, her views are only slightly less incendiary than Ann Coulter's. Not that that is a bad thing.

If you like relatively current (it was written after September 11, 2001, but before 2004) "conservative" social studies, I highly reccomend the book. If you are a liberal, and are actually willing to read about what your liberalism represents, read this book. If you are a dyed in the wool Communist, Socialist, Moderate, or Progressive, you'll hate it. Almost everything she criticizes is what y'all think are good things.

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