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Saturday, January 29, 2005

On difficult concepts

This is gonna be tough for me to try and explain, but, I'm gonna take a stab at it.

I have learned in my life that there are a lot of perspectives to situations. What may look simple to me may seem impossible to you, and vice versa. But, one of the things about perspective that I have learned recently is that perspective can be changed by changing the view.

I can't figure out right now how to draw neat stuff on my site, so, I'm gonna have to ask y'all to do some homework with this post. It's not hard, but, it involves an implement of writing and a sizeable piece of scratch paper.

Now, on that paper, use your implement of writing to draw a dot, with a circle a respectful distance around the dot. Kinda like a bulls-eye. The dot represents the individual, the cirle represents the world outside of the individual, and the area outside the cirle represents God. I'd ask you to draw a cirle representing God around the first cirle, but, I don't think any of us have a piece of scratch paper big enough to draw a circle big enough to represent God...

Okay, done? Here goes. Every thing we do in life is based upon a perspective. Now, if we look at our cirle, and start drawing some lines, we can see how a perspective can be changed by the viewpoint.

In the case of most self-centered schmucks, the line is quite simple. It starts and ends at the dot in the middle. Everything they do is based on themselves. The world around them never enters into the picture, except to give them something to work around. God isn't even visible. Examples of this type of thinking are John F'ing Kerry, John "The Breck Girl" Edwards, Ted "The Swimmer" Kennedy, and Randy Moss.

In the case of the spineless, the line goes from the inner edge of the cirle to the dot. This represents the world around the person influencing every little thing that person does. The person doesn't really have a choice in anything, because they are completely beholden to every one else's standards of conduct and views. Examples of this are Trolls, MoonBats, Stalin's Useful Idiots, and the standard Democrat voter.

In the case of the activist, the line goes from the dot to the inner edge of the circle. They are constantly trying to change the world, but for their own purposes. They try to impose their view of the way life ought to be upon the world. Examples of this are Rosie "The Fat Irish Pig" O'Donnell, Micheal "The Hutt" Moore, and Barbara "BS" Streisand.

In the case of religious activists, the line extends from the dot to outside the circle. They try to force their way to God by imposing their view of God upon the world. Examples of this are Jerry Falwell, Osama bin Laden, and Annie Laurie Gaylor.

In the case of hypocritical religious activists, the line extends from the inner edge of the circle, through the dot, and through the outer edge of the cirle on the other side. These people use the world to justify their own actions, and then try to impose their view of God upon the world based upon the world's actions. Examples of this are Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, the Presbyterian Church (USA), and the Roman Catholic Church heirarchy.

In the case of socialists, leftists, and Communists of all sorts, the line extends from the inside of the circle to the inside of the circle, completely bypassing the dot in the middle. Since Communism does not recognize the individual as being a significant entity, the individual is not allowed to have their own actions or opinions, since those might contradict the Movement's. Examples of this are the father of Elian Gonsalez, Democratic Underground, and Hillary Clinton.

In the case of the truly devout faithful, the line extends from outside the circle, through the dot in the center, and through the outside of the circle on the other side. The truly devout faithful use God's view to react to the world around them, using themselves as merely a prism to reflect God upon the world on the other side. I can't honestly think of a current example of this in today's society.

Which one are you, and which one do you want to be? If you aren't the one you want to be, what are you going to do about it?

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