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Sunday, January 23, 2005

On presidential elections

As per request, I've decided to post my thoughts on who will run for President in 2008.

On the Democrat side, it's a no-brainer. Shrillary Clinton, John F'ing Kerry, and Al Bore will all run in the primary against each other. There will be other non-entities running, as there are every election cycle, but those three will get the lion's share of publicity and promotion.

I think that Shrillary will win the nomination, and pick John F'ing Kerry as her running mate. Or maybe she'll pick Ted "the Swimmer" Kennedy. Either way, she'll run to the Left in the primary, and try and out-conservative the Republican in the general election. She won't be able to, since there is too much history of her Leftist nature to escape from, but, that won't keep the Old Media from trying to cover up for her. Shrillary's problem is that post-modernism is only accepted by other Leftists. The rest of us (and the majority of talk radio and bloggers) are all to happy to use someone's past statements to judge their current statements. The days of being able to say whatever is politically expedient at the time have died out, and she can thank her paycheck husband for that.

On the Republican side, things are a little trickier. I'd like to see Condeleeza Rice run for President, mainly because I think she's the best person available. But, since that is four years away, things could change. Other people I would like to see run would be Jeb Bush, JC Watts, and Micheal Savage. But, with the exception of JC Watts, the others would be second-best choices. My dream ticket would be Condi Rice and JC Watts, with either one at the top of the ticket, but, I'm not sure that JC really wants to get back into politics. His last foray was rather rough. Sure, he got elected, but at a cost that I'm not sure he wants to pay again.

Who do I THINK will be the candidates? John "I was bought and paid for by Charles Keating" McCain, Pat Robertson, Pat Buchanan, and Jeb Bush are certainly the most likely, but, Jeb is the only one I could really get behind. John McCain is available to the highest bidder, and is too much of a publicity whore to actually be a good president, Pat Robertson has too small of a base, and Pat Buchanan is a touch...okay, WAY out of touch to actually be a contender.

Of course, all of my current predictions/wishes are based upon the current political climate, with the current public personalities. Ronald Reagan was barely even noticed before the 1980 primaries, so, there is probably somebody out there in the wings who we don't even know about yet.

Oh, if it does come down to Rice/Watts vs. Clintoon/sKerryKennedy, Rice/Watts wins...in a landslide rivaling Reagan vs. Mondale and Nixon vs. McGovern. Truly. It won't even be that close. Shrillary has too many enemies, sKerry and Kennedy are too out of touch, and Rice/Watts would put to rest many of the false racism and sexism charges leveled against the Republicans.

By 2008, though, I'll probably be a Constitution Party member, so my predictions are based upon what I think will happen, rather than what I want to happen. Neither party has been all that enamored of actually applying the US Constitution to their method of governance, so, unless there is a radical change, I won't be backing one of the major party candidates any time soon. I'll still want the Republican to win over the Democrat, but, it will be a case of the lesser of two evils.

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