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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

On random stuff

Here's a few little random firings, just to get me in the habit of blogging during the week:

There are a few things that I'm pretty sure the human mind isn't set up to handle. Like palm trees in snow, snowfall in the desert, snowfall in the tropics, and thunderstorms in January after almost a foot of snow has fallen. I have seen the first and third, and read about the second, but had never experienced the fourth...until today. Last week, we got about 9in. of snow, which hasn't had time to melt, being January in Wisconsin and all. Well, today, we had thunderstorms. In January. In Wisconsin. With 3/4 of a foot of snow on the ground. I'll just say that I had about the most miserable day at work I've had with this company since I started. I was a Jarhead, and was in a cold weather unit to boot. So, I can deal with the cold. I can deal with being wet. I can even deal with being cold AND wet, with minimal whining. But, having to trudge through snowbanks while being rained on, in temperatures just above freezing was almost enough to make me a little peeved. I've been home for almost four hours, and I'm just starting to warm up now.

One of the greatest little joys in life is putting on a pair of properly broken-in boots. They just slip right on, and fit your foot like a second skin. No chafing, no pinching, no rubbing. Just gentle supportive pressure in all the right spots.

One of the most miserable things in life is having to put on cold, wet, properly broken-in boots in the morning. That cold wet feeling just seems to cover your foot like a second skin. It can take hours for that feeling to go away.

What exactly is it that possesses people to put their garbage on the other side of a snowbank from the road? Do they think us garbage men are driving on the sidewalk!? Some of these people actually took time and effort to place their cans where they did! I can either go over the snowbank, which defeats the purpose of putting the cans on the sidewalk, or, I can go around the snowbank, which defeats the purpose of trying to make it easier for me. Either way, I'm a pissed-off garbage man. And some people haven't yet learned that pissing off their garbage man ain't the smartest thing they can do, since 90%+ of my customers don't follow the rules, or even the common-sense rules. I got real picky about the 50lb. rule at some houses today...

Hey, that wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Maybe I'll start posting during the week...

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