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Sunday, March 27, 2005

On more announcements

For those of you who don't know, I hate where I currently live. Over yonder, under my personal profile, I list my location as Middleton, WI. The City of Middleton, WI, is a suburb of Madison, WI...or, as it is known in more knowledgeable circles, Berkeley North, or Boston West. It is also known around Wisconsin as 64 square miles surrounded by reality. It is not a pleasant place, especially if one has a brain, and the will to use it.

So, last year, I hatched the plan for the Great CheeseHead Invasion of the Republic of Texas, and set the start of military operations for 2006. I had hopes that the Approprations Committee would release funds to make the Invasion possible. With some arm-twisting, I thought I might be able to invade in early 2006. Plans were made for a delay until 2007, if funds weren't able to be released.

Well, circumstances have forced me to change those plans. When I visited Dallas/Fort Worth, for Texas BlogFest, on the weekend of March 18-20, I fell in love. With Texas. With Dallas. With any place that isn't Madison, or it's surrounding communities. With any place where snow is an event, rather than a certainty. So, sometime this year, I will be escaping FROM Wisconsin, rather than TO Wisconsin. (Sorry, old tourism slogan...I've been here a LOOOOOOONGGG time.)

In the mean time, due to my nearly overwhelming distraction, due to daydreaming about living in Texas, posting will not be up to the (already low) normal quality you have become used to. I plan on posting frequently, due to having to get something up to earn my (literally non-existent) pay from STHM. But, I may not be able to get much up other than a "Good Lord, I miss Texas" post.

In addition, I will be moving out of my current place of residence, to live in a motel until I move. So, until I figure out how to get high speed service, I may not be able to get anything big up, due to the slow upload times of dial-up. I'll be home a lot more, and a lot sooner, since the motel will be about 1/2 mile from my work, but, it's still a flop-house motel. It's owned by a friend of mine, so, I may be able to swing getting a cable modem hooked up, but, I'm not planning on it.

To those of you in Texas, be forewarned, The Great CheeseHead Invasion is an occupation exercise, and it's possible I may be bringing other CheeseHeads with me. Quite a few of my acquaintances up here had their interest piqued by my descriptions of Texas. Many of them had just assumed that the rest of the US was just as screwed up as Wisconsin. I was happy to dispel those myths.

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