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Saturday, March 26, 2005

On Texas BlogFest 2005

Some of you know, but, for those who don't, I spent the last weekend in Dallas, Texas, for Texas BlogFest 2005. It was a weekend that I will not soon forget, for many reasons. Not least of which is the fine and wonderful people I met while there.

Since many of the other attendees have put up much better After Action Reports than I can, I'm going to limit myself to what my impressions of everyone was.

First of all, the man who was the reason we went, Emperor Darth Misha I (Long may he reign) is grace and dignity personified. He is kind, and pleasant, and has a zest for life that just oozes from him. I count myself blessed to have been able to meet him. I would count myself cursed if I don't get to do it more often...

One of the organisers, Lord Spatula I, King and Tyrant (Long may he reign) is truly a good man. His TrainWreck Stew should be declared a national treasure, and I look forward to many more meetings with him.

The other organiser, Beth, is so charming and cheerful, it's sickening. Many a time, I found myself dragged kicking and screaming back towards cheerfulness, due to her insistence. She also seems to approach life with a zeal that is contagious, and infectious. Her husband, who could not attend, is a lucky man. I hope he knows that.

Mamamontezz and Delftsman are two of the more happy people you would ever meet. They seemed bound and determined to enjoy whatever they could while there. People like that are few and far between, and we need more of them.

Susan was grace and charm on two legs. She also had a smile that would light up the darkest room. I know I wasn't the only one who acted like an idiot schoolboy trying to get her to smile...ah, to see that smile again!

Nancy, her sister, was also a wonderful person. I must apologize to her, though. When we actually had a chance to talk, I was experiencing a rather drastic drop in blood pressure...which meant it was impossible for me to pay as much attention to what she was saying as she deserved. I hope to be able to make it up to her in the future.

ZiPpo The Pirate...my buccaneer friend, it is truly fortunate that you and I didn't spend more time together. I have a feeling it would have ended with a Butch and Sundance moment...or, rather, several of them. "You think you used enough dynamite, there, Devildog?" Soon, we'll have to test my theory out...

El Capitan, unfortunately, was not inflicted with my presence enough for me to form an adequate opinion of him. My first impressions of him are that he is a bright and intelligent man, with much caring in him. Plus, I always like a man who packs a .45. An armed society is a polite society.

The Randoms, of Random Numbers, are two very sweet people. At times, I felt like I was intruding on their time together, because their fondness for each other was so overwhelming. I regret that I didn't have more time to speak with them. But, I am glad that I got to see what two people who seem devoted to each other look like. I'll not forget your example. It was inspiring.

Andy, Andy, Andy. While our brief conversation was VERY brief, and consisted of me lecturing you quickly, I have to say that I'm glad that we didn't talk much more. Because of my experiences with liberal 'tolerance', 'openmindedness', and 'caring', I find I have very little patience with those of your ideals. It's not your fault. Truly. I'm glad that our conversation was as short as it was, to prevent either one of us from saying something to the other that would have left a bad taste. Sometimes, the best way to remain friendly with someone is to let them live their life, away from you. Maybe, after I escape Wisconsin, we could sit down and discuss things. But, in such a short time, it wasn't possible. I'm willing to make the effort if you are.

I had already had a chance to meet Deathknyte, but, within the confines of the state of Wisconsin. If there was anyone there who was sadder to return home than I, it was Deathknyte. You've outgrown your home, my friend. You may want to consider leaving it. You seemed more happy than a man has a right to expect while you were there. Consider it.

Denita and Eric are another couple that I feel blessed to have met. They are two people who are so different, yet, so similar. Denita is outgoing and fun, Eric is quiet and somber. (Although, with a judicious application of Scotch, Eric can loosen up quite a bit.) That is not to say that Eric is a killjoy, or a stick in the mud. More, it seems that he has as much fun watching his wife entertain, and be entertained, than if he were to actually be entertaining himself. I'll get a chance to observe more later. Sooner than I mentioned to you, Denita...possibly MUCH sooner.

To those of you who I did not have the chance to meet, or talk to, or talk to enough, I'm sorry. I had a too little time, and too many people to meet. I will be correcting that soon. VERY soon.

To those of you who I did have the time to talk to, thank you. Time is the most precious commodity a person has, and I am awed that y'all felt that I was worth the cost. I'll do my best to return the favor when I can.

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