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Friday, June 03, 2005

Another Update Not Written By AJ

AJ is alive and well and currently living (in a hotel for a few days) in the pretty decent town of Round Rock in the great State of Texas. The apartment he's trying to rent won't be ready for move in until the 10th. Well, drat.

He starts work on Monday for a competitor of the company he used to work for (no tears were shed, as far as I can tell). He'll be working on a truck with another guy, but he'll be doing all the hard work (my interpretation, not his words). I don't think he'll have to do quite as much walking, so he'll probably be down to only needing 2573 calories a day, instead of his usual 3000+.

That's all from him for now. Hopefully he'll be able to get internet service pretty quick. I'm sure y'all rather be hearing from him.

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