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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Okay, here's the deal....

Grr. Still don't have full use of my hand. My hand doesn't hurt, nor does any other place, to let me know where the pinched nerve might be. My hand is just....numb. And, since there aren't any signals getting through to that part of my hand, it is also partially paralyzed.

I haven't been putting posts up, like I promised, because, well, forcing my hand to type properly IS possible, but, puts a lot of strain on the muscles that aren't shirking their duties....meaning, I get rather nasty cramps in my hand after about....one minute...of typing. One minute?! I can barely say "Hello! How are you?" in less than a minute! (those of you who have met me in the real world will get that joke...)

So, here's the deal. The doctor I saw *mumblemumble* weeks ago told me that these things usually clear up in about a month. It hasn't. She told me to take a pain killer, to reduce any swelling that might be causing the pinch, and the pain killer she told me to take did diddly-poo. So, I'm taking my old tried-and-true obsene quantities of ibuprofen, to take care of this. IF this doesn't work in a week, I'll go see the doctor, and have a lot of tests run....which I have to pay for out of my own pocket.

Last time I checked, getting ONE x-ray cost about.....$300?

Oh, well. I've been in debt up to my eyeballs before. Might as well do it again. I'm almost used to it, by now.

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