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Saturday, August 20, 2005

On Still Hating Doctors...

This is Beth, not AJ... his hand hurts, he's bummed out, and... well... he doesn't feel like writing about this. He got the results of the MRI today. Words like "non-specific" and "minimal abnormality" are not things you want to read, much less write about.

The "Impressions" section is... less than impressive...
1. No evidence of mass effect or signal abnormality in Gehan's canal to suggest compression of the ulnar nerve.
2. Minimal signal abnormality in the proximal aspect of the lunate (wrist bone- B), which is a non-specific finding and is likely degenerative or post traumatic.
If he (and I) are reading that correctly, that means that they know something is wrong (DUH!), but they don't have a clue what it might be. So... the surgeon, instead of being given a pin-point location to place his scalpel, he'll be given "lunate bone". Well, I guess that's better than "somewhere south of his left shoulder".

His appointment with the surgeon is next Thursday. Keep him in your prayers (well, both AJ and the surgeon, now that I think about it). I'm sure he'll keep you updated. Or I will.


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