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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Still Not Liking the Doctors...

... especially when they don't quite agree.

It's Beth again... AJ's in a better mood... just not quite up to typing a post.

So... he went to the surgeon today. The surgeon isn't so sure he buys into the whole "it's all in the wrist" idea. He's putting his money on the ulnar nerve in the elbow. He wants to have a look at the EMG test results to double check things, but... since he's the one with the sharp knives... the elbow gets sliced into.

So, he's going to have surgery. When? Well... uh... you are sitting down for this? The doctor wants to do this sometime next week. Yup... next week.

Once he knows a firm date, either he or I will let everyone know. Keep him (and the doctor) in your prayers.

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