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Thursday, September 15, 2005

How Do You Spell SNAFU?

Hi! This is Beth. I had great plans for today. Get up WAY too early in the morning, pick AJ up and took him to the hospital so that the good doctor could work his magic on AJ's arm. Then I was going to pick him up, drive his loopy rear back to his apartment, and read a book or two while AJ slept off the remainder of the anesthesia. Maybe take a few pics of him drooling on his pillow or of his soon-to-be new scar, and post 'em for all of you to see. I'd make sure he got some food, and then head home.

What went right with that plan? Well... got up WAY too early... took AJ to the hospital... yup... that's about it.

His surgery was canceled (don't ask... long story). The problem is that NO ONE bothered to tell him that. They're trying to reschedule for tomorrow, but... no one's holding their breath, are they?

More updates as people resolve their cranial-rectal implantation.


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