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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Live! From Planet VlC0DlN !!!!!

Yeah, yeah... I know... that word in the title looks weird... I just didn't want everyone googling for cheap prescription drugs to end up here.

Well, AJ is home, resting not so comfortably after the surgeon did his thing on AJ's elbow. Yes, it was a pinched nerve in his elbow, and yes, it really was very, very pinched. He has a splint on his arm from his hand to above his elbow, and that will stay on for 10 days. He's been fed and medicated and I can hear snoring even as I type this.

Nope, no pics of him drooling on his pillow, or the goofy little grin he had before all the sedation wore off. Well, unless he turns into Mr. Grumpy. Then all bets are off...

He already has a little bit of feeling in his pinkie and even more in his ring finger. Keep praying that it continues to improve.

OK... I'm going to make sure that he's ok, and then I'm going to slip out of here. Y'all leave comments if you want, but... keep the noise down, ok? AJ needs his sleep.

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