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Friday, September 16, 2005

Okay... Let's Try This Again

Beth again... everyone has (hopefully) had complete recovery from their severe cases of cranial-rectal implantation, and the slice and dice on AJ's arm has been rescheduled for next Tuesday (Sept. 20th).

I only see one potential glitch in this little plan. The surgery is scheduled for 2:30pm (1430 hours 2030 GMT for those of you who never quite made the transition back to the civilian world). And... as with all surgery, AJ can't eat anything after midnight Monday night. How do I put this? Remember the old cartoons where the guy has been out in the desert and is starving, and everyone looks like a chicken leg? Any of you who have stood between AJ and the dinner table can see why I fear for everyone's safety on Tuesday.

Barring another snafu, I'll let you know what happens then.


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