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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Update the Umpteenth

Surgery is scheduled for Thursday, September 15th.


It only took a phone call almost every day for two weeks to get the surgery scheduled. Actually, it averaged out to be one phone call for every business day since I was told that surgery was going to be performed, because I took a day off from work, and pestered the living ... out of the surgeon's office.

I'm not real proud of some of the things I said to the poor scheduler, but, they weren't getting things done without having a fire lit under their butts. Why is it that people who work in offices assume everyone else in the world does?

Anyway, next week, the real fun begins. I have to take a day off from work to have the surgery done, and may have to take another one off, to recover. With the cost of the surgery added in, this is gonna be real expensive for me.

Oh, well. I'll get healed first, and worry about paying for it later. If I'm not healthy, I can't pay the bill.

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