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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Karma ain't so much fun

It seems I am suffering a bit of karmic retribution since my previous gloating about how nice and warm the weather is down here in Texas.

I have heard many of the locals mumbling and grumbling about how unseasonable this weather is, and how they really wish the weather were a bit more autumn-like.

I think I should mention that "autumn-like" down here is, evidently, temperatures in the high 60s and lower 70s. And the locals are complaining that mid to high 80s is too warm for November.


I'm sorry. I shouldn't laugh at the misery of all y'all stuck up north in the cold. In January, I'm sure you'll get your payback, when the temperatures down here plummet to the mid to low 20s, with windchills driving temps to around 0.


I'm really trying....I am!

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