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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Yay for doctors!

I went to the surgeon today, for a follow-up to my post-op follow-up.

Have I mentioned just how much I hate doctors?

Anyway, he said that the little signs of improvement I have had are actually good signs. He was quite optimistic about the little progress I have had, because, evidently, nerves take something like millenia to heal. So, I seem to be right on pace for recovery.

Please note, I did not say "full recovery". It seems that the little tidbit of information that he hasn't been real forthcoming with is how bad of a sign the pre-op clawing of my little finger was. Evidently, the clawing that I experienced pre-operation meant that the nerve was so badly pinched that regaining full use of my hand is rather unlikely. The surgery was to stop the loss of use, not to restore full use. So, after nine to twelve months (yes, it is going to take that long), I will have pretty much all of the use of my hand that I will ever get back.

Fuck him. I'm getting the use of my hand back. What the fuck does he know? He's just really handy with a knife. It's my hand. It will do what I tell it to do. And I am going to tell it to fucking heal properly.

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