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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Feel sorry for me.

No, really. I want some sympathy, dang it.

Sorry I haven't been too verbose recently. Now that I can actually work at work, I've been trying to get back into working shape. Which means I'm usually exhausted at the end of my day, especially since it's now the holiday time, which means everybody and their uncle is putting out enormous piles of trash at the curb. The Monday after Thanksgiving, every one of our trucks was filled three times, and, if I hadn't had some help, my truck would have been filled four times. To give you an idea of how much trash that is, we all pick up about 1000 homes in a day. Our trucks will hold about 15 to 20 tons of trash on each load. I won't do the math for you, because, frankly, it depresses me. But, now, you get an idea of why I've been so tired.

Another reason to feel sorry for me is the excruciating unseasonable weather we are experiencing down here. Today, it's the 3rd of December, and it already 76 degrees out. At 1 pm. In December.

I'm trying really hard not to gloat about that. So far, I think I've done a pretty good job. I've only snickered at the people up north about five times a day. Which is much less than I really feel like doing.

Have I mentioned how much I hate cold weather?

Anyway, once I get a little more rested, I'm going to put up a post about how to trick your garbage man into picking up the ridiculous items that y'all seem to want to put out at the curb. It's a lot easier than you think, and it will make everyone happy. So, stay tuned. It will be instructive.

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