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Sunday, December 04, 2005

It took her all of 30 minutes to make a liar out of me....

So, blog-daughter mom, Grandma Jo, has a post up about Christmas.

After my ranting and raving about how we don't agree on issues one bit, she has to go and put up a post about Christmas that I actually agree with.

Go. Read. I'll wait until you come back to put in my two cents.

Back? Good. Here's what I have to say on the subject.

Christmas isn't even really a Christian holiday. It's a pagan holiday with Christian trappings. (Thanks to the Roman Catholic Church, again.) But, over time, it has come to be considered a Christian holiday, so, for whatever it's worth, we now consider it one. So, in that vein, we may as well look at it from that perspective. And, from that perspective, whether or not a store decides to put "Merry Christmas" on its sales is wholly irrelevant. Sales aren't in the spirit of Christmas. Stores aren't in the spirit of Christmas. So, who cares?

But, both Grandma Jo and John Gibson, in their zeal, made the same mistake. They got carried away. John Gibson is absolutely correct when he says that the Liberal "mainstream" HAS declared a war on Christmas, but, store flyers and store fronts isn't the battlefield. And attacking John Gibson's position simply because he got that one particular point wrong also isn't the battlefield.

Where the battlefield is, is in the government sector. The ACLU has got most government agencies running so scared about the mythical "seperation of church and state" that most government agencies now take away their employee's rights to freedom of religious expression, all under the myth that a government employee gives up their First Amendment rights when they become a government employee. It is NOT a violation of the First Amendment to say "Merry Christmas", even for a government employee, and it is NOT a violation of the First Amendment to play Christian Christmas music in a government building, be it a school or an office building.

Think about that for a second. The ACLU is trying to argue that you can't play Christian music at a time of year where a Christian holiday is being celebrated. Huh?! There is a notable lack of Muslim music about Christmas, as well as secular and Jewish music. Ditto for the Hindus and Buddhists. So, you can't play ANY music about Christmas, AT ALL, since it was all written by Christians about a Christian holiday.

And how about this "politically correct" crap of saying "Happy Holidays!" instead of "Merry Christmas", lest we accidentally set up the Pope as the President of the United States by ONE MORE UTTERANCE of the term? Give me a break. "Happy Holiday" is NO better than "Merry Christmas"! "Holiday" is a linguistic drift version of two words...."Holy Day". Oops. There went that phrase. That's it! Now, the bishops are in charge!

And "Season's Greetings!". What a waste of breath. Since "Season's Greetings" is one of the preferred phrases to avoid "offending" those who aren't Christian, let me take this time to say that that phrase isn't any better. I am offended by it, simply because I see no reason to celebrate cold temperatures, snow, and ice. I HATE WINTER! So, cheerfully greeting me in the spirit of the season (winter) is, more than likely, going to get a reciprical greeting in the spirit of the season from me: a punch in the nose. THAT is how I want to greet winter. And people who are cheerful about winter are in danger of getting the same greeting.

At this point, though, I do have to point out that there is ONE thing stores can do that is actually in the spirit of Christmas, and a store can determine whether or not I patronize them with that one thing: Salvation Army bell ringers.

For the most part, the Salvation Army bell ringers are either volunteers, or, temporary labor hired to fill in the shifts that volunteers can't be found for. The Salvation Army is raising that money to give Christmas dinners and gifts to people who can't afford it, which is FAR more in line with the spirit of Christmas than what actually goes on inside the stores the bell ringers are in front of.

At this time, there is one major store that I STILL will not patronize, because of its stand on the bell ringers, and there is one store that I wish I could patronize, because of its stand on the bell ringers.

Target Stores, last year, "decided" to enforce a "no solicitation" policy in front of all of its stores. Now, this policy had been in effect for quite some time, and most stores have a similar policy. What made Target's decision different is that they decided that they were no longer going to make an "exception" for the Salvation Army, and banned the bell ringers AND the kettles from Target store fronts. Target also took an 11% hit on sales last year, possibly because of that idiotic decision. Well, this year, they have the same idiotic policy. So, no Target for me. It wasn't high on my list of places to shop, but, if they wanted to lure me in, prohibiting the Salvation Army bell ringers wasn't the way to do it.

St Paul, MN-based Cub Foods, on the other hand, decided to do something about Target's idiotic decision. As of this year, Cub Foods decided to allow TWICE the number of Salvation Army bell ringers in front of their stores, to make up for the bell ringers that St Paul, MN-based Target wasn't going to allow. Good on you, Cub. Too bad I moved away from your area this year. That type of policy would have made Cub Foods my preferred place to shop....and I was Woodmans kind of guy. (Cheeseheads know what that means.)

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