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Sunday, January 30, 2005

On The Dark Knight Returns

Okay, this one is for the comic-book fans out there.

I have never been much of a DC Comics fan. I didn't really like Batman, and Superman just got on my nerves. Green Arrow was cool, but, I think that might have had more to do with him bangin' Mockingbird (I was a teenager when I started really getting into comics...), rather than any real like for him. But, my two favorite graphic novels of all time are both from DC Comics, and one of them involves Batman.

In The Dark Knight Returns, by Frank Miller, Batman/Bruce Wayne has been retired for almost 2 decades. He has been spending his time pursuing more and more dangerous activities (like auto-racing), possibly to re-capture the adrenaline rush he had when he was the Dark Knight. Anyway, the Joker is about to be released from prison, and Gotham City has been having a crime wave. This is where we start.

This ain't the Batman of your youth, unless you are over the age of 60. This is Bob Kane's original Batman, a tortured, somewhat unstable person, who is driven to do what he does, walking a fine line (and sometimes crossing over) between him and the criminals. He is violent, sometimes cruel, and a touch vindictive.

One of the very interesting things about the story is that most of it is told from the thoughts of Bruce Wayne/Batman, rather than as a third person perspective. It's mostly (but not fully) a third person omniscient story, with a running commentary of Bruce/Batman's thoughts about each situation. And trust me, some of his thoughts aren't very nice. At one point, you read the arguement he is having with himself about whether or not he should "stop with the knee". He doesn't.

What really made this novel for me, thought, are three pages, almost at the end of the story. You see, I really, really, REALLY don't like Superman. Superman has always epitomized what I disliked about DC Comics, which is, all the heroes are perfect, or, nearly perfect. Superman never really faced a challenge during my days of reading comic books. When you are bullet-proof, only barely too weak to lift a mountain, and can fly at ridiculous speeds, what real challenge is a bank-robber gonna pose for you? So, the Super BoyScout had to face stranger, and odder, and more powerful villians every month, and, each time, credulity was strained. Well, at the end of The Dark Knight Returns, Superman finally meets his match. He gets his butt WHOOPED by Batman. And I mean, not even close. It wasn't even a fair fight. Batman kicked Superman around the city like he was a play toy. The two most memorable thoughts from the fight? "It takes a lot of time and money to synthesise kryptonite. Fortunately, I have both." "I could kill you right now, Clark. But, I won't. Because I want you to remember the MAN who beat you." For those three pages alone, this novel is worth it.

My other favorite graphic novel is The Watchmen, but, I'll review that when I find another (my fifth?) copy of it.

On The Death of Right and Wrong

Okay, here is my first book review. If y'all don't like it, tell me. If you wanna see more stuff other than book reviews, let me know.

I finished reading Tammy Bruce's The Death of Right and Wrong about two days ago. After reading it, I am somewhat saddened that Tammy has the same taste in women that I do.

Tammy quite clearly and succinctly lays out the Liberal Establishment's attempts to destroy American culture in this book. It is rather extensively footnoted, and Tammy has quite a bit of experience with the Liberal Establishment anyway, due to her stint as NOW-LA's president, and her seat on NOW's board of directors. One of the most important concepts she "introduces" in her book is the idea of the "malignant narcissist". Once we understand what one of those is, Liberalism becomes much easier to comprehend, and much scarier.

Basically, a malignant narcissist is someone who has been so damaged by their previous experiences that they want to reshape the world to where the narcissist is no longer unusual. It is rather revealing that most gay activists have been sexually abused by someone, and many, if not most, or even all, gays and lesbians had either a horrible relationship with a member of the opposite sex, or was sexually abused by a member of the same sex. So, in order to no longer feel like an outsider, due to the relatively rare experiences these people have had, they want to change everyone else, so they seem normal by comparison. It is visible almost every where we can think of as a "liberal" establishment. The normal people are a minority in those establishments.

Tammy, by the way, is a conservative, but, only by default. Much the same way that Bernard Goldberg, Harry Stein, and David Horowitz are "conservative", Tammy is a conservative simply because the Liberals say so. She is a lesbian, voted for Ronald Reagan, and is a die-hard feminist, and is also pro-murder of unborn children abortion choice. But, since she had the nerve to stand up to what she percieved as lies from Liberal causes (detailed more explicitly in her other book, The New Thought Police), she was branded a conservative. She is no less outspoken now than when she was actually a member of the Liberal Elite, so, her views are only slightly less incendiary than Ann Coulter's. Not that that is a bad thing.

If you like relatively current (it was written after September 11, 2001, but before 2004) "conservative" social studies, I highly reccomend the book. If you are a liberal, and are actually willing to read about what your liberalism represents, read this book. If you are a dyed in the wool Communist, Socialist, Moderate, or Progressive, you'll hate it. Almost everything she criticizes is what y'all think are good things.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

On difficult concepts

This is gonna be tough for me to try and explain, but, I'm gonna take a stab at it.

I have learned in my life that there are a lot of perspectives to situations. What may look simple to me may seem impossible to you, and vice versa. But, one of the things about perspective that I have learned recently is that perspective can be changed by changing the view.

I can't figure out right now how to draw neat stuff on my site, so, I'm gonna have to ask y'all to do some homework with this post. It's not hard, but, it involves an implement of writing and a sizeable piece of scratch paper.

Now, on that paper, use your implement of writing to draw a dot, with a circle a respectful distance around the dot. Kinda like a bulls-eye. The dot represents the individual, the cirle represents the world outside of the individual, and the area outside the cirle represents God. I'd ask you to draw a cirle representing God around the first cirle, but, I don't think any of us have a piece of scratch paper big enough to draw a circle big enough to represent God...

Okay, done? Here goes. Every thing we do in life is based upon a perspective. Now, if we look at our cirle, and start drawing some lines, we can see how a perspective can be changed by the viewpoint.

In the case of most self-centered schmucks, the line is quite simple. It starts and ends at the dot in the middle. Everything they do is based on themselves. The world around them never enters into the picture, except to give them something to work around. God isn't even visible. Examples of this type of thinking are John F'ing Kerry, John "The Breck Girl" Edwards, Ted "The Swimmer" Kennedy, and Randy Moss.

In the case of the spineless, the line goes from the inner edge of the cirle to the dot. This represents the world around the person influencing every little thing that person does. The person doesn't really have a choice in anything, because they are completely beholden to every one else's standards of conduct and views. Examples of this are Trolls, MoonBats, Stalin's Useful Idiots, and the standard Democrat voter.

In the case of the activist, the line goes from the dot to the inner edge of the circle. They are constantly trying to change the world, but for their own purposes. They try to impose their view of the way life ought to be upon the world. Examples of this are Rosie "The Fat Irish Pig" O'Donnell, Micheal "The Hutt" Moore, and Barbara "BS" Streisand.

In the case of religious activists, the line extends from the dot to outside the circle. They try to force their way to God by imposing their view of God upon the world. Examples of this are Jerry Falwell, Osama bin Laden, and Annie Laurie Gaylor.

In the case of hypocritical religious activists, the line extends from the inner edge of the circle, through the dot, and through the outer edge of the cirle on the other side. These people use the world to justify their own actions, and then try to impose their view of God upon the world based upon the world's actions. Examples of this are Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, the Presbyterian Church (USA), and the Roman Catholic Church heirarchy.

In the case of socialists, leftists, and Communists of all sorts, the line extends from the inside of the circle to the inside of the circle, completely bypassing the dot in the middle. Since Communism does not recognize the individual as being a significant entity, the individual is not allowed to have their own actions or opinions, since those might contradict the Movement's. Examples of this are the father of Elian Gonsalez, Democratic Underground, and Hillary Clinton.

In the case of the truly devout faithful, the line extends from outside the circle, through the dot in the center, and through the outside of the circle on the other side. The truly devout faithful use God's view to react to the world around them, using themselves as merely a prism to reflect God upon the world on the other side. I can't honestly think of a current example of this in today's society.

Which one are you, and which one do you want to be? If you aren't the one you want to be, what are you going to do about it?

On curiosity

I have a rather extensive reading list, as those of you who saw my partial list of Christmas loot know. What I am curious about, though, is whether or not y'all want me to post reviews of the books I read here. I read a rather wide variety of books, spanning quite a few genres. I was thinking to myself, "Self, maybe my readers would like to read a review of the books I read, to get an idea about whether or not they would like to read them." So, do you?

In my list of Christmas books, I have several science-fiction books, several theology books, a few political "science" books, a couple of fantasy books, and a graphic novel. Some of them, I've already read, so I could do reviews on them at the drop of a hat. Others, though, would take time to read (but not much), so, reviews would be forthcoming over several months. It would give me something to blog about...

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

On frustration, part II

Okay, I had a grade A, world class rant worked up today about garbage. It was magnificent. It was inspired. It was, dare I say it, pure genius!

And now I can't remember it. So, in place of today's masterpiece of a rant, I'm gonna have to ask y'all to imagine what that masterpiece of a rant would look like. If you can remember it for me, let me know.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

On inanities

Okay, after watching my beloved Wisconsin Badgers have their home winning streak broken by the Illinois Illini, I don't have much time or energy to put up anything substantial. But, I want to get used to blogging during the week, so, I'm gonna put up some random stuff, and see what sticks.

I know it's a little late, but, I figured I would tell y'all what I got for Christmas. I got exactly what I wanted: gift certificates to a book store. All in all, I got about $250 worth of gift certificates, which was more than enough to pay for a membership card at the bookstore...with just the discount the membership gave me. The cashier's eyes actually widened when I walked up to the counter with my books. Off the top of my head, I think I bought 30 books. I'll give you a partial list of the books, and let y'all tell me what it says about me.

The Death of Right and Wrong by Tammy Bruce
What the Bible is All About by Dr. Henrietta Mears
David by some guy who I don't want to ever meet.
The Coldfire Trilogy by CS Friedman (I have lost at least three copies of this series)
The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller (worth the cost just for three pages...)
To Reign in Hell by Steven Brust
HTML for the World Wide Web by Elizabeth Castro
Dragon and Issola by Steven Brust
Shut Up and Sing by Laura Ingraham
Essential Truths of the Christian Faith by RC Sproul
New Testament Greek by somebody or other

Those are just the books I can see, or can remember. There are at least 5 others that aren't within vision, or whose names I can't quite recall.

For any of my Texas readers, I plan on being in the Republic of Texas the week of July 7th to the 11th. I won't have a huge amount of time, but, if y'all want a visit, let me know. My e-mail is over there on the side bar, under my profile. I'll plan my driving around based on visits that are requested. I'm planning on visiting Austin for a day or two, just to scout it out for my future move, but, if you think I'd like your area better, invite me. I am purposely coming in July, to get a feel for how hot the summers are going to be. I know August is hotter and more humid, but, I didn't want to wait that long to go. Waiting until July is gonna kill me as it is.

For those of you who live in more northern climes, I've got a request for you. When it snows, don't put your garbage on the snowbanks. Invariably, the snow will melt, or will shift, and your trash will not be where you put it when the garbage man gets there. In addition, it appears that most people seem to think that garbage trucks drive on the sidewalk, because that's the side of the snowbank that most people put their trash on. Some people can't make up their minds which side to put their trash on, so, they just place their trash halfway to the curb...in the snowbank. I've developed a rule for trash collection after a snowfall: where ever the cans were, that's where they get put back. If someone thinks I really want to go climbing all over their snowbank, I'll put their cans right back in the snowbank, since they seem to think it's so much fun. If they actually put their cans at least CLOSE to the curb on their plowed driveway, I put the cans back there. It may be petty, but, it kept me from quitting today, because just about every knucklehead on my route made me climb their snowbanks...right next to their near-spotless driveway.

Let's play a game of garbage man math. If a garbage man's route is 700 customers, and each and every one of those customers place their cans 10 feet from the curb, how many extra miles will the garbage man have to walk during the day? And how much extra time has been added to his day? For extra credit, figure each and every customer has a 75 pound can. How much weight will he have to carry that extra distance?

Do the math on that, and then, think about what your garbage man has to go through to pick up your trash. 700 customers is a lot of customers, but, I have a day where I have more than that. Most of my days are 500-600 customers. The math isn't much prettier with those numbers.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

On frustration

Okay, I was working on my second post of the day, and BlogSpot decided that I didn't really want to post it. So, no second post for today. It took me two hours to write that post, and I don't really have another two hours to re-write it. So, I'll hopefully have enough energy tommorrow to re-compose it, and get it up for y'alls approval.

On presidential elections

As per request, I've decided to post my thoughts on who will run for President in 2008.

On the Democrat side, it's a no-brainer. Shrillary Clinton, John F'ing Kerry, and Al Bore will all run in the primary against each other. There will be other non-entities running, as there are every election cycle, but those three will get the lion's share of publicity and promotion.

I think that Shrillary will win the nomination, and pick John F'ing Kerry as her running mate. Or maybe she'll pick Ted "the Swimmer" Kennedy. Either way, she'll run to the Left in the primary, and try and out-conservative the Republican in the general election. She won't be able to, since there is too much history of her Leftist nature to escape from, but, that won't keep the Old Media from trying to cover up for her. Shrillary's problem is that post-modernism is only accepted by other Leftists. The rest of us (and the majority of talk radio and bloggers) are all to happy to use someone's past statements to judge their current statements. The days of being able to say whatever is politically expedient at the time have died out, and she can thank her paycheck husband for that.

On the Republican side, things are a little trickier. I'd like to see Condeleeza Rice run for President, mainly because I think she's the best person available. But, since that is four years away, things could change. Other people I would like to see run would be Jeb Bush, JC Watts, and Micheal Savage. But, with the exception of JC Watts, the others would be second-best choices. My dream ticket would be Condi Rice and JC Watts, with either one at the top of the ticket, but, I'm not sure that JC really wants to get back into politics. His last foray was rather rough. Sure, he got elected, but at a cost that I'm not sure he wants to pay again.

Who do I THINK will be the candidates? John "I was bought and paid for by Charles Keating" McCain, Pat Robertson, Pat Buchanan, and Jeb Bush are certainly the most likely, but, Jeb is the only one I could really get behind. John McCain is available to the highest bidder, and is too much of a publicity whore to actually be a good president, Pat Robertson has too small of a base, and Pat Buchanan is a touch...okay, WAY out of touch to actually be a contender.

Of course, all of my current predictions/wishes are based upon the current political climate, with the current public personalities. Ronald Reagan was barely even noticed before the 1980 primaries, so, there is probably somebody out there in the wings who we don't even know about yet.

Oh, if it does come down to Rice/Watts vs. Clintoon/sKerryKennedy, Rice/Watts wins...in a landslide rivaling Reagan vs. Mondale and Nixon vs. McGovern. Truly. It won't even be that close. Shrillary has too many enemies, sKerry and Kennedy are too out of touch, and Rice/Watts would put to rest many of the false racism and sexism charges leveled against the Republicans.

By 2008, though, I'll probably be a Constitution Party member, so my predictions are based upon what I think will happen, rather than what I want to happen. Neither party has been all that enamored of actually applying the US Constitution to their method of governance, so, unless there is a radical change, I won't be backing one of the major party candidates any time soon. I'll still want the Republican to win over the Democrat, but, it will be a case of the lesser of two evils.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

On snarkyness

In response to my previous post, I now have some ideas on what to blog about. Each and every suggestion immediately gave me an idea on what I would say about it. So, in the VERY near future, I will start responding to those suggestions. I'll probably do them in reverse order, just because.

I was tempted to be a little jerk, and answer all of them in one post...in one sentence or less on each. But, that would be jerky, because I asked for it, so, I should do it. Tommorrow, AT THE LATEST, I'll have posts on at least three of them up, plus, one I've been cooking in my head for the past day or two. So, tommorrow, there should be a plethora of stuff leaking out of my head onto the screen for y'all to read. During the week, I'll do what I can. Last week would've been good, but for some unforseen circumstances at work. Since I don't know what the week will bring, I cannot, unfortunately, promise, or even suggest, that there will be any posting during the week. I hope to, though. Listening to sermons during the day gives me a whole bunch of ideas! Now, if I can only get the AM radio in my truck to work...

On tests

Okay, for a while, now, I've been taking those silly tests that other bloggers put up on their sites. I've been doing them because they are fun, and kept thinking to myself, "Self, I think I should put those up on MY site!" But, due to a tragic case of procrastination, I kept putting it off, until I could no longer find the posts where the tests were linked. So, now, I'm going to do my best to correct that. Here is test that is interesting. It's a short test, and it is a personality test. From what other people who have taken the test have said, it's pretty spot-on. For me, it was close. I have too many, um, quirks, for any test to accurately predict who I am, but the test can certainly define some of my more prominant characteristics.

I tested as a 48. Take the test, and post your results in the comments. I'll post the categories as the first comment, so y'all can compare scores with each other, and me, if you so choose.

Friday, January 21, 2005

On advice and consent

Okay, time for a little 'sperimentin'. Due to an...interesting...personality quirk of mine, (a mild, but VERY annoying, case of autism), I'm not all that good at coming up with topics to post about. Or, rather, I'm very good at doing it, but, TOO good. I come up with so many ideas, there is no way I can get all of them posted. Also, because I tend to be, um, a touch, um, verbose, each real post I compose takes at least an hour to write. So, I have about 1000 ideas, and I don't have 1000 hours to write them all. So, here's where the experiment comes in. If y'all have something y'all just HAVE to read my opinion on, let me know. You see, I can answer questions really well, I just can't make up answers to questions that haven't been asked yet. I'm kind of a "point-and-shoot" blogger. Give me a target, and I'll aim for it. Leave me to my own devices, and I'll just wander around aimlessly, with my brain in neutral...meaning I'm not blogging like a good little minion. So, TELL ME WHAT TO TALK ABOUT!

If you don't give ideas, I'll be forced to put up pictures of my cats. I gave my roommate a digital camera for Christmas, with a 256MB card...wanna dare me to post all 256MB of cat photos?

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

On lame excuses

Ok, time for ANOTHER lame excuse.

Work has been getting better and better. But, there's a down-side to that. You see, I can now do my first two days of my route and be able to actually complete the route AND not have to do anything with in the next day. (Up until this week, I had to unload my truck in the morning, which meant I had to go into work an hour early, and then I had to finish my paperwork...that extra hour didn't actually go towards any real productive time, just another hour closer to the DOT-mandated 60 hour limit. Stupid DOT.) So, what's the down side?

The down-side is that I now have time to help the two new guys who are usually working the routes right next to mine. Which means I STILL can't unload my truck at night, and I'll STILL run out of hours on Friday. It's Tuesday night, and I already have almost half of my alloted hours for the week. I'm at 26 1/2 hours for the week...and I have THREE more days to go. That's just under 9 hours a day...and all of my routes take at least 11 hours to complete.

What's this have to do with the blog? Well, you see, since I'm working 12, 13, and 14 hour days, I don't have much time to actually do any blogging. I get home from work with about enough time to eat, shower, maybe check my e-mail, look at my daily reads, and then, I get to go to sleep for about 4-6 hours, to repeat the chaos again.

So, I'll be light on blogging, AGAIN, for a while. I don't know for how long, but, it could be a while. It took me almost two months to get to the point where I could do my routes on my own. But, I do have one of the biggest routes, so, maybe, the two new guys won't need my (limited) help for very long.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

On curiousness

Okay, now that I've added my little hit-map, over there at the bottom of the sidebar, my curiousity is piqued. I know WHO some of the dots are, but, some of the others have me a little confusilated.

The big dot, just west of Lake Michigan, is me. I know that. The hit-map doesn't seem to know who I am, so counts me as a visitor. I can deal with that. Also, the girlfriend is logging on from the same network, so, she counts towards that total, also. If Deathknyte still comes here, he also adds to that dot, since he is within 100 miles of me. so, that's the big dot.

The dot in Michigan is The Bugg, or her husband, Red Falcon. The dot just below Michigan should be Kate. I'm thinking that the bigger dot southwest of me is Pastor Rick, and the dot WAY out to the northwest is blithered. The two tiny dots in what are either Texas or Oklahoma could be a couple of people, so, I'm not even going to try and guess. The dot at the southern tip of Florida should be 0311 Crunchie, and the dot just to the north of that could be NeilV. (sorry, Neil, I don't have a link to you, and couldn't find one.) There is a dot near New Mexico that could be Chance, but, I'm not sure. The other dots scattered across North America have me stumped.

Which brings us to the dots that are NOT in North America. I've received several hits from southern England, (London, maybe?) one or two from Sweden, and one from a Slavik country. (sorry, my EU geography isn't as good as it should be, without the cute little lines drawn in for me.) The one or two hits are probably accidental hits, which leaves the possible Cockney hits. I have no clue who that is.

There is also a teeny-tiny dot from the home of half of the world's most venomous animals, Australia. That could be a couple of people, but, I don't know if they actually come here.

So, any help y'all can provide in clearing up these little mysteries would be appreciated. If you are coming here to read what I have to say, I'd like it if you at least posted a "you are so full of shit" comment, just to let me know who's reading it. I like comments. Even the ones that disagree with me. The ones that are nasty, I don't like so much. The only person who is allowed to be nasty here is me, and anyone I decide has the right to be nasty. Get over it.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

On random stuff

Here's a few little random firings, just to get me in the habit of blogging during the week:

There are a few things that I'm pretty sure the human mind isn't set up to handle. Like palm trees in snow, snowfall in the desert, snowfall in the tropics, and thunderstorms in January after almost a foot of snow has fallen. I have seen the first and third, and read about the second, but had never experienced the fourth...until today. Last week, we got about 9in. of snow, which hasn't had time to melt, being January in Wisconsin and all. Well, today, we had thunderstorms. In January. In Wisconsin. With 3/4 of a foot of snow on the ground. I'll just say that I had about the most miserable day at work I've had with this company since I started. I was a Jarhead, and was in a cold weather unit to boot. So, I can deal with the cold. I can deal with being wet. I can even deal with being cold AND wet, with minimal whining. But, having to trudge through snowbanks while being rained on, in temperatures just above freezing was almost enough to make me a little peeved. I've been home for almost four hours, and I'm just starting to warm up now.

One of the greatest little joys in life is putting on a pair of properly broken-in boots. They just slip right on, and fit your foot like a second skin. No chafing, no pinching, no rubbing. Just gentle supportive pressure in all the right spots.

One of the most miserable things in life is having to put on cold, wet, properly broken-in boots in the morning. That cold wet feeling just seems to cover your foot like a second skin. It can take hours for that feeling to go away.

What exactly is it that possesses people to put their garbage on the other side of a snowbank from the road? Do they think us garbage men are driving on the sidewalk!? Some of these people actually took time and effort to place their cans where they did! I can either go over the snowbank, which defeats the purpose of putting the cans on the sidewalk, or, I can go around the snowbank, which defeats the purpose of trying to make it easier for me. Either way, I'm a pissed-off garbage man. And some people haven't yet learned that pissing off their garbage man ain't the smartest thing they can do, since 90%+ of my customers don't follow the rules, or even the common-sense rules. I got real picky about the 50lb. rule at some houses today...

Hey, that wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Maybe I'll start posting during the week...

Sunday, January 09, 2005

On linky-love

Okay, for all of you who have linked to me, without a reciprocal link, please be patient. It was hard enough for me to muster the gumption to update the blogroll when I didn't know HTML, and now, I'm in the middle of teaching myself HTML. So, I'll get some reciprocal links up in the near (month? week? days?) future.

I have so many irons in the fire, I don't know where I am going right now. I am reading FOUR books right now, and all of them are instructional, or semi-instructional. I confuse too easily to keep doing that.

On questions

I have a question for y'all. Why does it seem that most Christians are affluent, college educated, white collar people? At least, here in Moscow-Between-The-Lakes, they are. And I've noticed that most of the bloggers who openly profess their Christianity aren't exactly what I would call blue-collar types. Now, I'm not impugning them. ALL Christians are my brothers and sisters, and the affluent ones are no less Christian than I am. In fact, some of y'all are probably BETTER Christians than I am. But, it would appear to me that the blue-collar types, and polyester-uniform types, are the ones that Jesus Hisself seemed to try and reach.

As a matter of personal preference, due to an allergy to school (I have outbreaks of narcolepsy...), I am a blue-collar worker. In all of the years I've been doing grunt work, I've only met a handful of Christians. Oh, quite a few of my co-workers go to church, but, as the bumper sticker says, "If going to church makes you a Christian, being in a garage makes you a car." So, why haven't I seen the burning desire for the Word of God amongst the blue-collar workers? I mean, where I work now, I know of one Evangelical, and have a suspicion about another. That's out of 70+ drivers. Include me in the mix, and that's a percentage of about 5%, and that's if I'm right about the driver I think is a practicing Christian. Although, I do have to say, most of the other drivers don't recoil in horror when I tell them that I am a "Bible-thumpin' Jesus freak". So, where is the Word? Why aren't the churches trying to get the Word out to the blue-collar workers? Why do they only seem to target the affluent and white-collar workers?

My theory is that the Church (as a whole...all denominations) overlooks the blue-collar workers, because they want to reach out to the people who the Church views as needing the Word the most, namely, the down-and-out, prisoners, and affluent. The blue-collar workers seem to be left out in the cold. Also, the blue-collar workers don't react well to emotional appeals, like the others do. They tend to deal with the here-and-now, rather than the Big Picture. This isn't a weakness on their part, but, a neccessity due to the nature of their work. I'm an odd duck as a blue-collar, since I think while working to keep myself from getting bored. Most other blue-collar workers do NOT think while working, to keep from getting bored. They tend to focus more on what they are doing, rather than what is happening outside the borders of their work world.

Another flaw I see in how the Church conducts it business is that they want the Unsaved to go to the churches to hear the Word, instead of going to where the Unsaved are. If you read the New Testament, you will notice that Jesus didn't remain in one place for very long, and neither did Paul. They went to where the Unsaved where, rather than asking the Unsaved to come to them. An analogy I have used with people is that there are about 1000 steps between us and God, and God took the first 999 steps. All the Unsaved have ever had to do was take that first and final step.

Now, you may be asking yourself, "Self, what do I do about it? I'm not the Church!". Wrong. You are. You can do a lot of things. For starters, don't hide the fact that you are a Christian. Don't beat people over the head with it, and don't preach constantly. But, you can preach the Gospel as Thomas Aquinas suggested, and only use words when neccessary. Also, if someone utters a fallacy about Christianity within your hearing, correct them, gently and patiently. Nothing turns a potential convert away from the Truth faster than being lectured passionately. As Jesus and Paul showed us, exposure to the Truth will win more converts than passionate preaching. Tell them the Truth, and let God change their heart.

What do y'all think?

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

On lateness

Hi, y'all. Sorry about the long delay, but, I had to spend time with the family on New Year's Day AND the day after. yay for me. Plus, work has been a butt-kicker. Today, I *only* worked 13 hours...meaning it was one of my shortest days in a month.

I hope to have something up in the next couple of days. I might even have a flurry of stuff to put up, since my muse has been bugging me about stuff. LOTS of stuff.

Oh, and, bit by bit, the layout here will probably change. I purchased a book on HTML coding with some of my rather prodigious Christmas loot (almost $300 in Barnes and Noble gift certificates...), so, I'm gonna teach myself some HTML coding, and tweak the site a bit. Maybe even more than a bit.

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