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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Funny... I don't look like AJ...

Silly AJ! He gave me his password!

This is Beth, btw. AJ is currently on the road, somewhere in southern Oklahoma. For some reason, there's no internet access in his car. He really needs to work on that.

He's making pretty good time. He plans on making it into Dallas sometime tonight. He'll meet up with friends tomorrow, then head on down to the Austin tomorrow (Wednesday) night.

I'll try to keep everyone updated on where AJ is and what he's up to until he has internet access again. And I might rearrange the furniture while I'm here. Maybe add some frilly curtains and some throw pillows.

Nah... I'll behave myself for now.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

On Moving

Well, today is D-Day. I'm moving.

My itinerary is that I'll be leaving Madison, for a bit, around Noon today, to meet Beth, of Yeah, Right, Whatever, in Rockford, so she can drag her mini-van up here to grab all the boxes that won't fit in my car. She's really nice that way. After that, I'm going down to Janesville for the evening, to say good-bye to Harvey, of Bad Example, and his loving wife, of Smiling Dynamite. Then, I'll head back down to Rockford, to meet with Guy S., of Snugg Harbor.

After all that, the driving begins. I'll be leaving Rockford on Monday, and start my way down to St Louis, and then, over to I-35, to get to Denton, TX, where I will meet up with LC Val, from the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler. I was going to swing by Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, to meet with TechieVampire, of Explicity Ambiguous, but, she had some health problems that made our planned meeting difficult. I was really looking forward to meeting her, but, her health is more important than my curiosity.

After Denton, it's down to Austin, or, more accurately, Round Rock, TX. Currently, I don't have a place to live, or a job, but, I've got pretty solid leads on both, so, this isn't a complete leap of faith. Just mostly.

For those of you who have my cell-phone number, it will still be active for another couple of weeks. My e-mail will still be active for a couple of weeks, as well, but, I'm not sure I will be able to access it with any regularity. As soon as I am established in Round Rock, I'll get a more current e-mail, and will actually get an update or five up here for y'all to mock.

After that, since I won't have quite so much taking up my precious little brain power, I'll probably be able to get some posts up with a touch more frequency than every other month.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

On important announcements

Okay, first of all, I'm sorry for the long absence. Life got to me. If it wasn't one thing, it was another, after another, after another, after another.

But, with some prayers (mine and some other people's), I made it through. I'll have more details in the near future. Some of y'all already know the details, or, most of the details, but, I'll put them up here anyway, for those who don't know, or don't know all the details.

Now, on to the important announcement.

The Great CheeseHead Invasion of The Republic of Texas is a "GO". Operations will start on May 27th, 2005. I will be taking a circuitous route, to prevent the Texans from knowing my exact entry point, so, I probably won't be actually entering Texas until May 30th or 31st. But, as of May 27th, 2005, I will no longer reside in the state of Wisconsin. My stuff won't even live here. Due to the confusion caused by the Invasion, I don't expect any actual interaction with the natives to be practical until the 1st or 2nd week of June, but, that is more for them to determine, rather than me. I'm only occupying the state. If they want to retain control of the state, they'll have to co-ordinate around my schedule.

More details to follow.

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