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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I don't get it....

Can someone please explain to me why so many self-proclaimed intelligent people argue from ignorance?

Recently, I have had to deal with four people fairly close to me who first proclaimed their ignorance of a subject which I knew a little about, and THEN, told me I was wrong on that subject...immediately after telling me how little they knew about it!

I'm not even going to count the multitude of liberals I deal with on blogs, because that's just pushing the issue into the absurd.

People, people, people...if you EVER claim ignorance on the subject being conversed over, SHUT UP AND LISTEN to the people who are NOT ignorant. I learned an amazing amount over the years, just by doing that. Of course, asking questions is okay, but, do NOT tell them how wrong they are, or ignore what they are saying, just because you don't like it. YOU. JUST. ADMITTED. YOU. KNOW. NOTHING. ABOUT. IT. Shut. Up.

Peek down in the comments of my last post for an example of this. (Sorry, Harv. Still luv ya, and all, but...not knowing the basic rules of logic, but basing your atheism on them?! C'mon. Have some intellectual honesty.)

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