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Saturday, February 11, 2006

I hate allergies

Okay, one more excuse...

Due to the wonderfully warm weather (for a transplanted CheeseHead...) we've been having, I have had the chance to find out that ragweed is NOT the only common ditchweed I'm allergic to. I'm also allergic to Mountain Cedar, or Juniper Ash, or Ash Juniper, or whatever the heck they call those stupid things. From what I gather, quite a few years ago, some idiot imported bonsai trees to Austin, TX, never considering the environmental impact. Just like kudzu and Japanese Beetles in the US, and rabbits in Australia, later generations have now discovered that those organisisms weren't native to the area, because those organisms have no natural enemies in the area. So, that means those cute little bonsai trees you've always wanted to own grow to quite large sizes, when they are planted in your garden and there are not predators for that tree.

So, in the middle of "winter", I get to have constant allergy attacks. Yay for me.

I guess I shouldn't complain too much, though. I don't have "Cedar Fever" nearly as bad as some other people I know, and I'd rather have "Cedar Fever" than "Hay Fever". Plus, a little sniffling and run-down feeling is a small price to pay to live in an area where the locals think 40 degrees ABOVE zero is too cold to leave the house without a parka. Seriously. Parkas. In 40 degrees. Hats, gloves and scarves, too.

I have directions to the escape hatch from Wisconsin, if any one needs them.

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