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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Three people probably care about this post....

Okay, it's been a while since I gave the updates to the three people who haven't heard them from me, personally.

Here goes.

The hand is still numb, but, I have a little more muscle control than I did before the surgery. Sometimes, for an hour or two, I even have full feeling in my hand. Other than that, not much has changed.

Although, I do have to say, the surgeon is just TRYING to get punched in the head. Once again, he sprung another "Oh, I guess I should have mentioned..." on me. It seems that it will take until September before I can even START rehabilitating my hand, due to some little tidbits of information he "forgot" to impart to me. Like, it takes one month per inch of difference between the injury (in this case, my elbow) and the felt effect (my hand) for "full" recovery. After the nerve has healed, THEN I get to try and rebuild my hand. One of these days, he's going to find out my right hand still works just fine, as it smashes into his nose. TELL ME THESE THINGS UP-FRONT! Don't spring them on me, just as I'm feeling optimistic. Jerk. Still a great surgeon, though. Good work, and his post-op crew are fantastic. That's the best looking scar I have, and, when it fades, it may be one of the least visible. So, if you are in Austin, and looking for some orthopedic surgery to be done, I have the name of a good surgeon. He might have a broken nose by that time, though.

On the payment front, I have much better news. Last week, I mailed off about $900 in checks, to pay of the second AND the third lowest medical bills. The first lowest bill got paid off about the same time I got the bill, because it was for $17. THAT'S a bill I didn't mind paying right away. The second and the third bills, though, were $650 and $1500, respectively. Paid off. Now, on to the $1900 bill (which has had some payments made on it) and the $5200 bill (which also has some payments made). After those, pay off my loans, and I'll be 100% debt free, 1 1/2 years after I started incurring ridiculous medical bills. For those of you keeping score at home, that will mean I will have paid off approximately $19,000, in 18 months, on a $37,000 gross salary. That includes my second job.

Please, tell me again why you can't get out of debt on your salary? I'm doing it on less than the national average salary (for households, not personal), and I'm sending almost half of my income to debts. Please don't try and tell me that debt is just a fact of life these days. That's an excuse, and a shitty one at that. The odds are, you make more than me. BUT, the odds are, you have more "toys" than I do. What I am typing on is the second most valuable "toy" I have, next to my car, and I'd be selling my car, if it wasn't in such bad shape. Look at what you really NEED, and cut out MUCH (not most, not all, maybe not even half) of the non-needs in your life, and you'll get out of debt in a very short amount of time. Trust me. You don't NEED a $25,000 new car, and you most certainly do not NEED a television with cable. Once you admit that you only WANT them, the decision to cut them or not to cut them from your life is a lot easier.

I don't have a television OR a cell-phone. Easy decision, once I looked at whether or not I really needed them.

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