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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Conundrums and questions

Okay, so, I'm thinking about changing my car insurance provider, and I started doing some shopping around.

Anyone out there have a good reason why the high risk insurance provider I currently have has rates that are HALF of what the low risk providers are offering? I was "high risk" because I kinda didn't carry auto insurance for quite a bit of time, and that made me high risk.

No tickets in the past 3 years, at least, and the only accident I've been in, in the past three years, wasn't my fault, and I couldn't do anything to avoid it, other than not be there.

One insurance company, with a stupid reptile as its mascot, won't insure me, because I had the bad luck of being present when a stupid Longhorn student ran into the back of my work truck, and another insurance company, named after a wimpy alternative title for "liberal", wants me to "save" money with them, by paying TWICE what I currently pay, for the exact same coverage. Those are the only two providers I've gotten quotes from, but, they are both providers that supposedly cater to "low risk" drivers.

From what I've seen, so far, I'm better off staying with the high risk provider, and remaining a low risk driver.

Any thoughts? Please?

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Finally got something out of my brain.

After running around southern Wisconsin last weekend, and working this week on a bit of sleep-debt, and THEN, going to a Blog-Meet THIS weekend, I finally had some time and energy to write a decent post.

Sorry, I didn't put it here. I put it over at Serenity Through Hope Ministries. I might be able to put a decent post up here later today, but, I wouldn't bet on it. I have to go shopping, and then, I have to go to work.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Excuse time is almost up.

I'm almost out of excuses for light posting.

The mountains of trash are finally starting to dissapate, THREE WEEKS after Christmas, and my days are getting to a more manageable 10 to 14 hours, instead of the 16 plus they were running.

So, after I go to Wisconsin for the weekend, to spend some time with friends and family for a belated Christmas, I'll be able to post a little more often than once a decade.

Feel sorry for me. It's going to be in the 40s in Wisconsin this weekend. I'm delicate. I can't handle that kind of bone-chilling weather anymore.

*runs and hides*

Sunday, January 08, 2006


Delftsman has the best blonde joke, ever, in the history of the world.

Go. Read it. You won't be sorry.

By now, I should be used to being right all the time....

For those of you who don't think I actually know as much about how people think as I say I do, I give you this.

Remember, I don't even know the guy, nor have I ever met him, nor is it likely I ever will.

I just know how people think.

Please, Steve? Pretty please?

Monday, January 02, 2006

On Mixed Football Blessings

Sorry I haven't posted too much recently. My work days have been long and exhausting, because I've been picking up mountains (almost literally) of trash. Almost every day has been 50-100% more trash than normal, because of Christmas and New Year's Eve. Good grief, y'all are disgusting slobs around the holidays....

Anyway, on to the mixed football blessings.

Today, I had two football events that both elated me, and depressed me.

The first one is that my Beloved Bucky Badger of the University of Wisconsin won its bowl game today, against the Auburn Tigers. I hadn't given Bucky much chance of winning, because Coach Barry Alvarez hasn't had much success (like....none) against teams from the South Eastern Conference, and Auburn had a MUCH better team than Bucky had faced in previous bowls. (Actually, Bucky had faced only one SEC team previously, three different times: the hated Georgia Bulldogs.) The win elated me, since I had resigned myself to Bucky getting blown off the field by yet another SEC team.

The win depressed me, though, because it was Coach Barry Alvarez's last game as head coach of the University of Wisconsin Badgers. He is stepping down as coach to devote his attention to being the athletic director for the UW, full time. While I am glad for his promotion (not really a promotion. He's been the AD for the past year.), I am saddened because Coach Alvarez made it possible for me to be a proud Badger fan. He took over a team that was one of the whipping boys of the Big Ten Conference, and turned Bucky into THE team you had to beat to win the Big Ten. Not a bad legacy to leave. Good luck, Barry. You'll be missed on the sidelines.

My other giddy-happy moment was when I found out that "coach" Mike Sherman, of my (almost as) Beloved (as the Badgers) Green Bay Packers was given the freedom to search for employment elsewhere in the NFL. That's right. "Coach" Sherman got fired today. HOORAY!

I'm saddened about this ONLY because it means the Indestructible #4, Brett Favre, will probably retire now. Brett has been quite vocal about his unwillingness to learn yet ANOTHER offensive scheme this late in his career, so, he's probably going to call it quits in about a month. Farewell, Brett. Now is as good of a time as any to leave. Leave while it's a choice, not a neccessity. Thank you for the years of making it possible to be a Packer fan again.

Of course, Brett just MIGHT want to hold off on that retirement for a month or so....it seems his old quarterback coach, Steve Mariucci, is looking for work right now....

Hey, a guy can dream, can't he?

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